OneCNCXR2 7.66

Update OneCNCXR2 V7.66 released July 26 2006

This only applies to OneCNCXR2 not for any previous releases or versions.

This update does have a New feature and some adjustments and refinements to the software.

The new feature applies to OneCNCXR2 Profiler Software Versions only.

This again has been based on user reports and our continuing internal quality control testing.

This functionality is new:

OneCNCXR2 Profiler Version of the software there is now the ability to reverse cut the nested parts in the CAM.

There are many language fixes for Spanish German Danish Polish and Japanese.
These language fixes apply to all versions of the software.

OneCNCXR2 Lathe Version

The comma decimal feed rate in lathe threading was addressed this only affects the German Version.

OneCNCXR2 Mill (all milling)Versions

There was an adjustment made to the pocket function depth of cut in mill because some users were found to be using negative values.

There was a modification made to the Helix function to allow it to be used at positions other than X Y Zero positions.

OneCNCXR2 Mill Professional and Expert Versions

The Single drilling ability added to the functionality of 4 and 5 axis.

The update is available now from the update server.