OneCNC Series Updates

This is a history of all OneCNC updates.

You may notice sometimes there can be a jump in version numbers.

This is due to intensive and continual internal testing where we thoroughly test versions before releasing proven functional updates.

To download updates, see our OneCNC Updates page.

OneCNCXR8 Release 63.18

OneCNCXR8 Release 63.18

This release has new features:

SOLIDWORKS 2021 direct file has been added to all versions of OneCNCXR8

Direct file import is now available for SOLIDWORKS 2021.

This now means the OneCNC can import directly all SOLIDWORKS files from SOLIDWORKS 2004 up to SOLIDWORKS 2021

NEW FEATURE in OneCNCXR8 Milling Versions

OneCNC XR8 Express Advantage Professional and Expert all have this new feature.

In Mill Stock toolpaths the facing function has a new feature conntrolled automatically by the boundary selection.

If facing a part like this and the inner and outer boundaries are selected when using the facing function it will automatically rapid over the island space at the same set plunge clearance.

Set to Zig Zag it will be like this pic

Set to single direction it would look like this

I the part is smaller and the user does not want it to lift and rapid over the space just do not select the inner boundary.

Other Updates in this release

Mill Version
4 Axis
Many refinements in 4 axis full spiral around and along and wrap.
Simulation 4 axis was updated
In certain cases earlier version files may have to be edited if there is a message to do so.

Swarf Machining
The swarf machining in 5 axis simultaneous had a problem with Zero angle settings causing exception now corrected

Mill Profile
Large offset caused a problem now corrected.

Chamfer Tool
Chamfer tool preview was corrected.

Lathe Version
4 Axis

Many refinements in 4 axis full spiral around and along and wrap.
Simulation 4 axis was updated
In certain cases earlier version files may have to be edited if there is a message to do so.

Lathe Threading
There was an Unexpected frame in External Thread dialog Japanese version now corrected.

 Wire EDM Version
Wire EDM buttons on main wire dialog were corrected.

All Versions of OneCNCXR8

New Japanese language update added.
New Korean language update added

Leader arrows were corrected.

New test was being added to layer 0 rather than active layer.

Special Note on OneCNC Licencing

OneCNCXR8 can be used without any connection to the internet.

OneCNC applications are designed to operate without web access to assist with complete data protection.

Updating OneCNC it is still simple using another PC that does have web access to download your updates..

Users can go to the OneCNC web using the dongle number and serial number to download the OneCNC Update then take it to the OneCNC PC to update.

This method allows you to have complete control of your manufacturing files not associated with the internet.

Combined with your OneCNC Perpetual licence assists in providing full digital dater protection. 

OneCNCXR8 Version 63.18 is now available to all licenced users from the OneCNC Update server.


OneCNCXR8 Release 63.14

OneCNCXR8 Version release 63.14

Thread Dialog
There was a problem with alignment in the Japanese language in this dialog so we adjusted it in this release.

Language Update
There was an update to the Japanese language in this update.

Job Sheet
The Tool Summary in the job sheet now reflects the usage order of the file

OneCNCXR4 Files
It was reported that text was missing in OneCNCXR8 importing OneCNCXR4 files. This was
corrected in this release.

Gear function
Causes exception in some cases was corrected on this version

OneCNCXR8 Version 63.14 will be available in the OneCNC update server for all OneCNCXR8 licenced users.


OneCNCXR8 Release 63.12

OneCNCXR8 Version release 63.12

Mill Profile
Incorrect Finishing selection in Mill Profile Finish Settings when Ramp option is selected was corrected in this release

Deburr multiple solids one at a time had some adjustment to the processing logic

DWG/DXF Import
Importing dwg text of some dimensions changes to -1 this is now corrected.

Mill 4 axis full / Lathe C axis full
This function was adjusted due to reports plunge feed rate was not added. This in now corrected in this release.

4 Axis Wrap
4 Axis Wrap angular directions were adjusted to be consistent

Chain Offset
No system response case occurred in the supplied model when selecting chain offset. Adjustment was made to this function.

Korean Language Update
The Korean language was updated in this release.

Printing Function
Arcs all printing as solid regardless of line type was corrected in this release

DXF DWG Import
There was a report of arcs not being trimmed correctly which was corrected in this release.

DXF/DWG Import
Japanese layer name in dxf causes recurring "improper argument" error

DXF/DWG Import
This function had some fixes due to layer names and Fonts preventing import.

Dimension Tolerances
This function had adjustment due to reports of not being able to add dimension tolerances.

OneCNCXR8 Version 63.12 is now available in the OneCNC Update server for all OneCNCXR8 licenced users.