OneCNC Series Updates

This is a history of all OneCNC updates.

You may notice sometimes there can be a jump in version numbers.

This is due to intensive and continual internal testing where we thoroughly test versions before releasing proven functional updates.

To download updates, see our OneCNC Updates page.

OneCNCXR4 21.39

This update applies to all versions of XR4

Help File

There is a new updated help file in all versions of OneCNCXR4


There is a new Turkish language added to all versions of OneCNCXR4.
Other languages have been updated to reflect recent changes in functionality.

OneCNCXR4 Lathe Professional and OneCNCXR4 Lathe Express.

Simulation settings were changed for simulating internal lathe boring and grooving. The default sizes for lathe tips were too large when simulating small bores and this has been changed.

Import and export translators.

Numerous refinements have been completed to the OneCNCXR4 translators as an ongoing procedure of attending to reports.


OneCNCXR4 21.38

There are quite a few changes in 21.38

This update applies to all versions of OneCNCXR4

OneCNCXR4 Mill Version

New setting in Properties tab for Z Level Arc Optimization

OneCNC now creates the HS Z level tool paths with the arcs as a default setting to get far better smoothing accuracy.

The setting has to be an internal system controlled setting rather than a post type setting. 

This setting affects depending on the version you have:

HS Z level pocketing - Mill Express Mill Advantage Mill Professional and Mill Expert
HS Z level Roughing - Mill Professional and Mill Expert
Z Level finishing - Mill Advantage Mill Professional and Mill Expert

With the addition of improved smoothing ability into the Z level finish Pocketing and roughing as a new default setting meaning it is always on unless turned off..

This new setting is purely there now for users that wish for some reason to use linear rather than arc smoothing. The setting is just a choice of creating linear instead of arcs. 

The finish will be ultimately much better with the default ON setting because it uses the new smoothing of the tool path.

This new smoothing of the Z level finish is able to be used on previous created tool paths just by clicking through in edit.

Users will see a major reduction in the amount of code generated especially with machine posts that support helical arcs. This is because all the helical moves now include the optimization as well. This applies to helix entry as well as helical micro lifts and helical re entry.

NC Post

Because each of these new smoothing tool paths are fully optimized with arcs by default the post was greatly enhanced to better handle the output arc output.

There is now a change in the post setting for minimum arc length to assist some machines that may not not handle small arcs efficiently. This now efficiently handles a setting for minimum arc length.

This has had a functionality enhancement to handle arcs that may be too small.

If certain machines have trouble with small arcs this can now be be set to .3 as an example in metric or the equivalent in inches to remove the small arcs and replace with linear.

File Import and Save (applies to all OneCNCXR4 versions:

 This version includes changes to the saving of difficult imported files.

We had reports that a user had trouble saving because it was said their network was continually "Syncing" the file while saving.

We had report from a user that it was said that had to have admin rights to be able to save a file without crashing the system. These type reports were analysed together with ongoing internal testing of especially problem files causing memory crashes in the OneCNC system when saving files.

This OneCNCXR4 Version 21.38 should assist greatly these type of problems.


OneCNCXR4 21.34

OneCNCXR4 Lathe Version

There was an adjustment to the tool change dialog of the turning tool paths so that when a tool is imported from the tool library the offset number will correspond to the tool number.

OneCNCXR4 Mill Version

There was an adjustment to the vertical 3D ramp entry and exit of the HS Z level tool paths.

The vertical 3D arc style entry to the tool path is now ramp feed.
The 3D vertical arc style exit from the tool path is now high feed.