OneCNCXR6 40.26

OneCNCXR6 Update Version 40.26 has been released and is now available in the update server

OneCNC has added a new feature in this update for Traditional Pocketing

This function has been replaced by a new Traditional Pocket function that now provides a real efficiency boost for users that have this requirement.. This function now allows for the tool step over to be set up to 95% of the tool diameter to provide this new efficiency.This dramatic increase in coverage up to 95% was developed due to many user requests for increased efficiency in the traditional pocket function. The function is just as simple to use as before with the only difference being that the user can now make use of this new technology by increasing the step over amount as required..

This is a video showing the ability of the new functionality of the Traditional Pocket function.

This new functionality is available in all OneCNCXR6 Mill Versions and is now available for download and use.