The APEX of Engineering in the UK

APEX Engineering (Aylesbury) LTD UK offer a comprehensive CNC milling / turning service, specializing in the processing of one-off, to medium quantities, often short-term, consistent quality at competitive prices.

With up-to-date OneCNC CAD / CAM technology in conjunction with advanced computer controlled machines Apex is an ISO certified company.

Mick Norris at Apex Engineering in Aylesbury, Buckinghamshire, was OneCNC mill professional since April 2009, when he bought his Hurco VM1 machining center.

He was with another CAD / CAM for 10 years at his Bridgeport, but when he asked for a contribution to his new Hurco winMAX they wanted to him a huge cost.

Not only was there a cost for the post, but he would have to upgrade and pay for maintenance back, plus more training and it was up to more than 5500 pounds.


OneCNC came to the rescue provides a whole new system for half the price of upgrading its older version.

Since then he has not looked back.

Mick recently upgraded to Professional OneCNCXR4 mill including one days training on site.


The photos are from Mick and his Hurco VM1 and the role he modeled and worked with OneCNCXR4 during his days teaching at the OneCNC from a paper drawing.

The holes are generated after coating.

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