OneCNC Training Web Lathe Updates

New Lathe Training videos now available on the OneCNC Training Web.

OneCNC offers this online training solution at no extra cost, provided you have purchased a OneCNC product.

Signing up is free and easy, just provide your serial number along with the usual information and your in.

Click here to go to login page.

OneCNC solutions partner for Solidworks

OneCNC-XR8 directly reads Solidworks 2021 files.

OneCNC enables you to maximize productivity, design innovative products, and achieve your product development goals. OneCNC offers a range of tools that will help you extend the power and utility of your SOLIDWORKS solutions.

OneCNC joins 50th National Skills Championships Taiwan

This year Workvision (OneCNC dealer in Taiwan and China) proudly co-sponsored the annual event of the 50th National Skill Competition on September 17-21 2020, held by the Skill Evaluation Center of Workforce Development Agency, Ministry of Labor Taiwan.

OneCNC agreed to donate OneCNC-XR8 Mill + Multi Axis, Late, Wire EDM, Profiler and Solid Sesign CAD/CAM for the competition and training.

Bob Francis the CEO of QARM Pty Ltd (OneCNC) was honoured to take part in a formal donation ceremony on October 5th, hosted by the deputy Mr. Lin of Workforce Development Agency.