OneCNC EMO 2021

OneCNC Had a succesful EMO International Exhibition in Milan Italy 4 to 9 th of October 2021.

EMO 2021 International Exhibition registered more than 60,000 visitors from 91 countries. Foeign exhibitors equal to 60% of the total, foreign visitors were 30% of the total number. EMO MILANO 2021, there were about 700 enterprises, representing 34 countries. Germany, Switzerland, France, Spain, Austria, Slovenia, Turkey, Hungary, Poland, Russia and Denmark were represented.

Visitors from Finland, Croatia, Estonia, Lithuania, Hungary, Netherlands, Czech Republic, USA , Great Britain, Israel, Japan, South Korea, Australia, Ireland and Egypt. OneCNC had visitors from many of these countries including companies interested in representing OneCNC in their country.

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OneCNC Benelux present OneCNC at METAVAK in Gorinchem, October 2021

OneCNC Benelux present OneCNC at the annual trade event for metal workers, METAVAK in Gorinchem.

The event was a success with the number of visitors similar to previous editions. The vibe was positive and all visitors were confident in the European market and all look forward to invest and grow.

The latest OneCNC has to offer was being demonstrated by the team all through out the event.

If you missed having a personal demonstration of OneCNC this can be arranged at your shop or om-line at a time to suit.

OneCNC Benelux has experienced engineers and covers the whole area of ​​the Netherlands, Luxembourg and Belgium, provides full on-line or on-site training and full support of the entire range of OneCNC products.

So if you are in the business of CNC manufacture call OneCNC Benelux for professional attention to your requirements.

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OneCNCXR8 te zien op METAVAK

OneCNC Benelux presenteerde OneCNCXR8 op METAVAK , Gorinchem, Nederland oktober 2019

metavak 1

Bij de ingang was OneCNCXR8 te zien om bezoekers te verwelkomen op de show in Gorinchem.

OneCNC Benelux had een geweldige kans om te laten zien dat OneCNCXR8 sneller, slimmer en capabeler is dan ooit.

Bestaande klanten hebben de voordelen aangetoond van het upgraden van hun OneCNC naar de nieuwste technologie die het nu biedt.

metacak 2

In de show was OneCNCXR8 goed vertegenwoordigd en waren de OneCNC-demonstraties in volle gang ..

metavak 3

Als u een persoonlijke demonstratie van OneCNC hebt gemist, kan dit in uw winkel of online op een geschikt tijdstip worden geregeld.

OneCNC Benelux heeft ervaren ingenieurs en bestrijkt het hele gebied van Nederland, Luxemburg en België, biedt volledige online of on-site training en volledige ondersteuning van het gehele assortiment van OneCNC-producten.

Dus als u bezig bent met CNC-productie, belt u OneCNC Benelux voor professionele aandacht voor uw vereisten.

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