A collaboration between OneCNC and Ozzo Engineering, comes together for the Metavak 2022.

Come and visit OneCNC CAD CAM at the annual trade event for metal workers. October 4, 6 and 6 2022. 13.00 - 21.00 Evenementenhal Gorinchem, Franklinweg 2, 4207 HZ Gorinchem, Netherlands.

Do you want to discover the latest developments and innovations in the metal industry and meet your relations? 

For three days, manufacturers, importers and wholesalers present themselves to professionals in the metal industry. During your visit, come into contact with suppliers of machines, software, automation solutions, tools and complementary products.

OneCNC's full range of integrated CAD CAM products will be presented by OneCNC Benelux, CNC Totaal BV. Show casing OneCNC's high performance and ease of use.

OneCNC Benelux
‘t Goor 417071 PC Ulft.The Netherlands

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web: onecnc.nl

OneCNC Deutschland Exhibits at AMB Stuttgart 2022

OneCNC Exhibited at the meeting point for the industry located in the heart of Euorope.

Every two years since 1982, AMB has presented the highlights of the international metalworking industry. It focuses on products, technologies, innovations, services and concepts for people who are passionate about metalworking. This makes it a marketplace, training and networking platform all in one. Whether you are visitor or exhibitor - over the years, AMB has become one of the most important events of the industry.

OneCNC's full range of integrated CAD CAM products were being presented. Show casing OneCNC's high performance and ease of use.

If you missed having a personal demonstration of OneCNC this can be arranged at your shop or on-line at a time to suit.

OneCNC Deutschland has experienced engineers who provide full on-line or on-site training and full support of the entire range of OneCNC products.

So if you are in the business of CNC manufacture call OneCNC Deutschland for professional attention to your requirements.

For further information on OneCNC products contact OneCNC Deutschland. 

OneCNC Contact Us >>



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OneCNC XR9 ปล่อย 74.22

พฤษภาคม 28 2023

OneCNC XR9 ปล่อย 74.17

พฤษภาคม 02 2023

OneCNC XR9 ปล่อย 74.08

เมษายน 02 2023


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