What is CAD/CAM?

CAD/CAM (computer-aided design and computer-aided manufacturing) refers to computer software that is used to both design and manufacture products.

CAD is the use of computer technology for design and design documentation. CAD/CAM applications are used to both design a product and program manufacturing processes, specifically, CNC machining. CAM software uses the models and assemblies created in CAD software to generate tool paths that drive the machines that turn the designs into physical parts. CAD/CAM software is most often used for machining of prototypes and finished production parts.

Manufacturing professionals are on hand to take you through a free demonstration of the capabilities of OneCNC CAD/CAM on your own product. The advantages can be demonstrated on-line or even in person.

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OneCNC CAD/CAM prides itself on being easy to use, yet powerful. However, if you want a head-start on getting the most out of your OneCNC product, we have several options available for you.

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OneCNC Products

OneCNC CAD CAM is a market leader in computer aided manufacturing CAM system for NC part programming.

OneCNC Mill + Multi Axis

OneCNC Mill offers a complete range of solutions to produce parts from 2D/3D to multi-axis. Your customer base may include automotive, aerospace and medical or consumer products, OneCNC Mill includes functionality to suit all of these applications. 

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OneCNC Lathe + Mill Turn

OneCNC Lathe gives you a set of tools ready for programming from creating a wire frame or solid model with the ability to import CAD models right through to the completed turned part.

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OneCNC Profiler

OneCNC CAD/CAM Profiler is a complete standalone design and manufacturing solution. This includes complete CAD integrated with the CAM to create the parts for cutting.

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OneCNC Wire EDM + Multi Axis

From 2- and 4-axis cutting to easy syncing and complete tab control, OneCNC wire delivers the tools for fast, efficient wire programming.

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OneCNC Solid Design

OneCNC Solid Design CAD delivers a suite of shop-tested design tools including 3D surfacing and solids. OneCNC Design is the CAD portion of our popular CAD CAM program, delivering easy to understand CAD modelling tools. OneCNC ensures that you’re ready to create your mechanical part .

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Dedication To Quality

OneCNC has a long history of consistent research and development. With over 30 years of continual development, we continue to focus exclusively on the needs of CNC manufacturers. OneCNC as a CAD/CAM innovator has continual direct contact with our global users, enabling us to become consistent leaders with a proven track record in manufacturing. 

An important feature for all CNC manufacturing is to have support for your machine tool. OneCNC supports all standard machine controllers and machines without any additional costs for machine posts. The post is controlled by a powerful GUI interface, allowing personalized configuration to suit your individual preferences.

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News & Events

Whats been happening?

CAD CAM Made Easy - Machine Chamfer

Published May 30, 2023

Looking for a CAD CAM solution that combines ease of use with powerful features? Look no further than OneCNC! With over 35 years of experience, OneCNC has dedicated itself to making CAD CAM easy to use without compromising on functionality. Not only does OneCNC provide a user-friendly interface, but it also offers a host of powerful features that empower you to tackle complex tasks effortlessly.

By leveraging wizard-driven technology and intelligent controls, OneCNC simplifies the CAD CAM process, enabling users of all skill levels to navigate through their projects seamlessly. But that's not all! OneCNC also packs a punch with its robust feature set, including precise modeling, efficient machining strategies, advanced simulation, and immersive visualization.

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OneCNC Tip Of The Day 'Zig Zag Ramp'

Published May 23, 2023

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CAD CAM Made Easy - Engrave

Published May 18, 2023

Would you like CAD CAM to be made easy to use?

OneCNC Has spent more than 35 years making CAD CAM Easy. Not only is OneCNC Made Easy to use it has also made it intelligently easy. Wizard driven technology combined with intelligent easy control makes CAD CAM easy. If you would like CAD CAM to be easy contact OneCNC today.

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