OneCNCXR8 Release 63.35

OneCNCXR8 Release 63.35 was released today

Lathe all versions
Bore Rough and Finish, Left and Right - nose tangent offset was incorrect
This is corrected in this release

Job Sheet all versions
 Job Sheet - Max tool depth for Z Level Rough calculated from material top not Z0
Corrected in this release.

Texxt Function all versions
Text was always drawn in default geometry colour
Corrected in this release

NC Post
Custom Variable in Tool Format End Lines - outputs selection for next operation if Post All is used
Corrected in this release.

DXF Import
DXF import - arcs are reversed in some cases
This was corrected in this release.

Dimensions not created with Font set in Dimension Style - defaulting to Basic font
Corrected in this release.

Extrude Function
Crash when Extrude Boss is used incorrectly
Crash prevention added to this release

Lathe Turn/Rough gouge was reportrd in a rare case
Adjustments were made to lathe rough in this release

Updated language Chinese Simplified and Traditional

This OneCNCXR8 release 63.35 is available in the OneCNC update server for all licenced users.