OneCNCXR8 Release 63.12

OneCNCXR8 Version release 63.12

Mill Profile
Incorrect Finishing selection in Mill Profile Finish Settings when Ramp option is selected was corrected in this release

Deburr multiple solids one at a time had some adjustment to the processing logic

DWG/DXF Import
Importing dwg text of some dimensions changes to -1 this is now corrected.

Mill 4 axis full / Lathe C axis full
This function was adjusted due to reports plunge feed rate was not added. This in now corrected in this release.

4 Axis Wrap
4 Axis Wrap angular directions were adjusted to be consistent

Chain Offset
No system response case occurred in the supplied model when selecting chain offset. Adjustment was made to this function.

Korean Language Update
The Korean language was updated in this release.

Printing Function
Arcs all printing as solid regardless of line type was corrected in this release

DXF DWG Import
There was a report of arcs not being trimmed correctly which was corrected in this release.

DXF/DWG Import
Japanese layer name in dxf causes recurring "improper argument" error

DXF/DWG Import
This function had some fixes due to layer names and Fonts preventing import.

Dimension Tolerances
This function had adjustment due to reports of not being able to add dimension tolerances.

OneCNCXR8 Version 63.12 is now available in the OneCNC Update server for all OneCNCXR8 licenced users.