OneCNCXR8 Release 63.11

OneCNCXR8 Version release 63.11

OneCNC has released version 63.11 and is now available in the update server

Deburr on two models causes unwanted toolpath
We had reports of users attempting to Deburr on models consisting of model parts not merged to form a valid singular model so we have added logic to prevent this and user will get message that it is not possible due to interfering models. If deburring more than one model OneCNC will also check if the models are positioned with tool clearance users will get the same message about interfering models.

Chamfer Tool
Reported Chamfer tool cannot be edited 
Editing new chamfer tool was fixed in this release.

Tool Library
Was reported Default tool library loaded every start
This was fixed in this release.

Updated language Korean
Korean language update added in this release.

 Pages not working
Pages function was reported as not working correctly in 63.08 this release corrects that.

Updated Japanese Translation
New Japanese Language update added in this release.

Lathe Tool File
Defining a Custom Diamond insert shape causes crash was fixed in this release.

Cloning a tool in Tool Library
When cloning a tool in the tool library correction was made to correct the use of () brackets.

1694 German Install
German install was changed to install the updated English sample files instead of the previous German ones.

DXF Import Expert Japanese Files
This release has had major work to handle the Fonts in text and dimensions

Lathe Turn Rough
Lathe turn Rough geometry boundaries received more adjustments to better handle gaps in the toolpath boundary.

Mill Pocket Rest Machining
If the operation order was changed after creating HS pocket machining then HS pocket rest machining the operation was set to full machining rather than retaining the rest machining setting.
This has now been changed in this release to retain the rest setting.

Lathe Groove Rough and Finish
Lathe groove rough and finish functions were updated to better handle arcs in the geometry chain.

OneCNCXR8 Version 63.11 is now available in the OneCNCupdate server for all licenced users.