OneCNCXR8 release 62.35

OneCNCXR8 Release update 62.35

In this release the major changes and fixes are:

Tool Change Variables.
In the mill and lathe tool change dialog there are settings to apply additional variables to the tool change functionality. This version now supports these variables in files posted including groups. Previously groups were not supported.

2D 3D Pages Drawing Function
This function has been updated so that arcs are represented as arcs rather than linear.

File Extents importing files:
Some files from other CAD software is exported with junk entities that have been causing the extents of the file being set in OneCNCXR8. This has now been adjusted to accept the junk without it affecting the extents settings.

Mill Profile Function:
Because OneCNCXR8 supports tapered tools some previous version OneCNC files were causing taper problems which have now been corrected.

Clean Circle Function:
The clean circle zig zag entry function is now working

Version Release OneCNCXR8 62.35 is now available in the update server for all licenced OneCNCXR8 users.