OneCNCXR8 Release 62.33

We have released OneCNCXR8 Version release 62.33

In this version these are the main function changes and fixes:

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Loading Files
Corrected handling of extents errors of some files with massive extents.

Language Saving
File saving corrections were made to problems saving some language files.

Verify Solids
Corrections were made to the verify solids function.

Parallel Offset
Corrected functionality of chaining

Advanced Offset
Re-enabled Offset Both sidessetting

Step Translator
Further adjustments to import

DXF Translator
OneCNC is now supporting polylines and this version includes corrections to arcs representing polylines
Corrected problems in DXF outpot that included models and or surfaces.
Import DXF part rotate correction
Corrections for some imported incorrect arcsĀ 

NC Manager
Corrected naming save problems

Dimension Mirror
Correct mirror dimension referance lines when using dimension function

Arc Centre
Corrections to arc centre


3Axis Reposition
Corrected and updated pocketing facing and profiling functionalities and associated settingsĀ 
Included warning messages to assist users that select wrong plane or have forgot to set the plane correctly before selecting the function.

Boundary selection correction of user selections.

Lathe job sheet not not showing text after creation was corrected.

This is now available in the OneCNC update server to all licenced OneCNCXR8 users