OneCNCXR8 Release 62.30

OneCNCXR8 Version 62.30 is released

All Versions

Printing function has been corrected to print correct colour


More advances in the modelling are released in this version.

Extrusion function has had further development especially in the extrude with taper and associated filleting.

Solidworks STEP and IGES import has had some updates.


The facing function simulation had a correction in simulation and facing finish

Lathe section of model has been developed to provide a more reliable section of profile.

More corrections to the lathe tool holder models.

Lathe tool library importing old legacy tool files has been improved to handle old files.

Mill Versions

Mill versions have had development work completed to assist in using extracted second grade geometry mainly in pockets.

This OneCNCXR8 Version 62.30 release is now available in the OneCNC update server.