OneCNCXR8 Release 62.28

OneCNCXR8 Version Release 62.28 has been released

There were important changes to all versions.

Importing bad models

Bad models sometimes have empty surfaces that can cause sizes of infinity or massive extents settings in OneCNC. OneCNC now attempts to discard those bad surface entities and imports all the valid ones.

DWG DGN Import

This release improves DXF DWG import.

Some users use polylines instead of ordinary geometry when creating parts.

OneCNC previously imported polylines as a series of linear lines..

OneCNCXR8 now imports polylines as arcs and circles.

Polylines are used in CAD for custom line thicknesses or tapered lines.

OneCNCXR8 just applies geometry to the centerline and does not display tapered or thicker lines.

OneCNC has no use for tapered or custom thickness lines in our CAM therefore imports them as wireframe geometry of arcs and circles..

OneCNCXR8 hardware requirements

OneCNCXR8 Hardware Requirements

OneCNCXR8 Version Release 62.28 is now available in the OneCNC Update Server