OneCNCXR7 Release 51.89

OneCNC has released OneCNCXR7 Version Update 51.89

There are many adjustments in this release which is applicable to all versions of OneCNCXR7

The main changes in this release are:

Extracting Entities:

Many users were used to just extracting geometry entities to the current layer.

OneCNC in the previous release released the ability to extract and move extracted entities to a layer named extracted as a default setting. This was done to separate extracted geometry because extracted is best fit geometry rather than drawn geometry. OneCNCXR7 Version update 51.88 by default still extracts the extracted entities to the extracted layer but it also supports switching the extracted to the current layer.

This new setting can be found File> OneCNC Properties> Layer Tab


Chinese language version:

This release includes the latest updates to bith the Traditional and Simplified versions of Chinese languages.
There is an update to the German and Japanese Languages to reflect the latest changes.


3D dimensions can now use entities that are not on the same plane.
This ability should only be used with care.
The view should be rotated to the plane that dimension is to be viewed on to check and ensure the dimension refers the the entities that you require.
In 3D the reference lines may not be on the selected entities 


True Type Fonts

Text to Geometry (vectorized text) True Type fonts function use it was found that some fonts had duplicated entities. This version corrects that so that there are no duplicated geometry causing a multiple engraving of those entities.

Coolant Setting

The editing of the coolant name in the tool change dialog was not saving correctly.

This is now available in the OneCNC update server