OneCNCXR7 Release 51.84

We have released today OneCNCXR7 Version Release 51.84

There are a few adjustments in this release.

This version is applicable to all OneCNCXR7 systems.


All extracted entities are automatically applied to layer named extracted. Now if a user is going to extract multiple boundaries to keep them separated they just need to right click layer and add to the layer name eg. extracted pocket that way they will have record of what the extracted was for.

This is far siimpler that copying etc and provides logical tidy keeping.

Right Mouse on layer name

select 1

Add for example pocket

select 2

User TIP

A tip about extracted if it is a 3D model only use "extract all" sparingly because it adds potentially thousands of entities to the database and will slow your system down unnecessarily. If all you need is some sizes off the model there are better tools in verify data or selecting individual items without slowing the system down. Another tip is if you do need to use select all obtain whats required from the created entities and click undo to rid the database of the entities.

This OneCNCXR7 Version Release 51.84 is available now in the update server.