OneCNCXR7 Release 51.81

We have released OneCNCXR7 Version Release 51.81

This release has a large number of fixes and adjustments and is applicable to all versions of OneCNCXR7


This is an important feature to note of this update.

Due to numerous updates to the the Layer names and DXF handling to fully support multi-byte and standard text or a combination of both types to comply with some international languages it has been necessary to change some details of our internal data structure of the *.onecnc files.

This means that the files created in this version are not backwards compatible with previous versions of OneCNCXR7.  Previous files are forward compatible which is not a problem this is more of a warning if you are supporting users with this version they will need to also have this update to read the file or you need to be using the previous release version.

The other main adjustments are:

Mill Simulation

OneCNCXR7 is designed to be used where the top of the part is Z 0. Some users also use it have the machine table or the bottom of the part as Z 0. There was an adjustment made for those particular users so the first move does not come from the table or the bottom which would indicate a collision.

DXF Import/Export

Many changes and adjustments were made to both the DXF/DWG import and export functions to assist the country languages that support and use multi-byte characters and a combination of both rather than normal text. Font Style names are also now passed to assist the CAD DXF that has difficulty with importing and substituting text styles.


Layer names are limited to 32 characters. Adjustments were made to also handle multi-byte characters also in the count to 32 even though they use many more bytes.

Previously when a user extracted grometry it was automatically placed on layer "Extracted" due to various changes in the last few updates this had stopped working and instead the extracted entities were placed on the current layer.

This 51.80 release now includes the fix and the extracted geometry is again automatically placed on layer "extracted".

Your current layer setting will remain unchanged it is only that irrespective of which layer you have set the extracted geometry will be placed on "extracted".


New language updates for German Dutch Italian Chinese Traditional and Korean and Japanese languages.

Help Files

New updated Help file for the Italian Version.

This release is now available in the OneCNC Update server,