OneCNCXR6 40.68

OneCNCXR6 Version 40.68 has been released and is available in the update server.

New Features:

OneCNCXR6 Milling Versions

In this release there are some changes to the traditional pocket function.

The traditional pocket function has a feature for the last depth of cut pass that the ftool lifts and ramps to the next transition position leaving a much cleaner pass between passes. This feature is automatic by default and there is a new feature that allows for this functionality to be turned off when desired.

There is a change to the spiral facing function.

The facing function when set to spiral also has by default lifts after each spiral to transition to the next spiral to improve the finish and this setting can be now changed to no lift if desired.

New Features All Versions

Updates to the help files for all versions.

The addition to all OneCNC software versions the backup archive system

OneCNCXR6 Italian Versions

The software is now fully localised with Italian Menus and dialogs in the software.

Italian help files and tutorials.

OneCNCXR6 Wire EDM Versions

Adjusted the installation to install sample files

OneCNCXR6 Languages

Adjustments to the Danish, German, Japanese and Dutch language versions.

This OneCNCXR6 Version is now available form the update server.