OneCNCXR6 40.24

OneCNCXR6 Update Version 40.24 has been released and is now available in the update server.

There are quite a few changes and updates in tis version due to the complexity of supporting so many OS including 32 bit and 64 bit

Support for GUI 768 pixel height.

There were many more adjustments required to make OneCNCXR6 fully compatible with this GUI pixel height. This work is now complete and unless you are actually installing OneCNC and using it on a screen limited to 768 pixels you would not see the difference because it automatically re-configures in size to suit that resolution.

Drill Wizard Function

There were adjustments made so that drilling cycles from OneCNCXR5 are now fully compatible in OneCNCXR6
These changes were necessary in case the file was created in the earlier version and for some reason edited in the later version.
This was because OneCNCXR6 now recognises the material top whereas previously that was not the case. 

Multi Axis Drilling
 There were adjustments made to the Multi Axis drilling cycles to make them compatible with files previously made in earlier versions of OneCNC and now editing the file in OneCNCXR6.

Open Pocket Function
The open pocket from boundaries was modified as in some cases in some operating systems the pocket finish dialog was showing when it was not meant to be.

In open pocket the finish profiles if required are separately selected.

HS Z Level Roughing
The HS Z level rough function has had aditional gouge safety adjustments due to now having the ability for collision checking.

The Section Function
The add section to screen function has had the entities optimized to minimise the output entities when adding the entities to the screen for further use..

Lathe Turn Face Function
There was an adjustment and improvement in Lathe Turn and Face turning on the backside or approaching the part from the from the chuck or left side.