OneCNCXR5 31.01

There are many changes and additions to this version

The major addition was a new Swept modelling function.

This new function replaces the previous function in all versions that have modelling and now allows for the sweeping in 3D directions.

Help Files

New adjusted and updated help file has been added.

Undercut Machining in Mill Expert

Mill Expert has had radial entry exit added to the entry ability of this tool path.

Posting double parenthesis

When drilling multiple holes from the feature recognition the number of holes was posted in the output causing double parenthesis. Some CNC machine controls this caused an alarm.

Support for Bosch Lathe cc220 threading

The threading function of this post can now accept the feed of each line in the posted output.


The NCLink has been in layout so that line numbers can be more easily seen.

Dialog Sizes

Many dialogs have been changed and altered in size. This was necessary to suit Windows8 in the Japanese version to allow vertical screen height of 768 pixels did not allow proper function of some large dialogs due to the text size.

Offset Machining Tool Path

The tool path tolerancing control has been adjusted in Mill Expert offset machining tool path to better handle over edges.