OneCNCXR4 20.84

OneCNCXR4 All Versions

Adjustments to DXF/DWG translators. Adjustments were made for when DXF geometry has been taken from the back of a 3D model for use as 2D geometry to prevent arcs being reversed.

OneCNCXR4 Help
A new extensively up-dated help file has been added that now includes all the functionality of the OneCNCXR4 range of products. This includes updated tutorials and general how-to-do methods of OneCNCXR4.

OneCNCXR4 Milling Versions
Adjustments were made to correct the offset values of HS pocket when taper angle is set for the pocket.

OneCNCXR4 Profiler
Changes were made to the closed shape and open shape dialogs of the profiler software. This was done to make it more interactive to the user.

OneCNCXR4 Text Positioning
OneCNCXR4 text placement is now to the lower left edge of the word. Previously it was to the centre of the word. This change was made to bring it into line with more common CAD standards which also complies to the new DXF/DWG format in OneCNC.