OneCNCXR4 20.80


Additional functionality was added to OneCNCXR4 Wire EDM Professional. The following translators were added to this product and have become standard included features.


OneCNCXR4 Italian Versions
Italian language has been updated to reflect the latest functionality.

OneCNCXR4 Korean Versions
The ability to use Korean fonts for text and or engraving has been added to the Korean versions.

OneCNCXR4 3D to 2D CAD pages module
The functionality and use of revision tables has been changed to eliminate the thought of toggling settings after having been applied. It is now wore easy to turn the layer on and of that carries the automated revision table addition. The toggling was only intended in the preview of the setting rather than the actual application to the page.

OneCNCXR4 Mill Versions
There was a modification to the library settings for engraving tools.

OneCNCXR4 All Versions
Adjustments to translators for imported models.