OneCNCXR2 7.62

Update OneCNCXR2 V7.62 released 18 June 2006.

This update does haveĀ New featuresĀ and some adjustments and refinements to the software.

This applies to all:

OneCNCXR2 Milling versions

OneCNCXR2 Lathe Versions.

This update has been based on user reports and our continuing internal quality control testing.

This functionality is new:

OneCNCXR2 Milling version

Profile function using Machine Cutter Comp.

This now has complete ability for back plot and simulate accurately the machine movements of entry and exit. This will make critical movements of the machine far more visual and accurate to what the actual machine movements are.

OneCNCXR2 Lathe Versions

Lathe Tool Turret position control (Tool Change)

The lathe has a new dialog for the control of this.

The update is now available from the automatic update server.

The Extrude function was added to the OneCNCXR2 Lathe version modeling.

The pitch output in Lathe Threading cycles was modified to accept decimals in the German version instead of commas.

The G71 and G72 cycles were modified to have a rapid move on the first line of the cycle to make for a more efficient cycle move.

The G71 and G72 Cycles were modified yo have the ability just to number the first and last line of the cycle instead of every line. The ability is still also there is every line numbering is required.

The G76 or G92 Threading cycles "I" value was modified to always be a negative value for OD threads and a positive value for ID threads.

The Turn Face function was modified to support G41 Cutter Comp using Left Hand cutters over the back of a boss as an example.

If there is a problem downloading just try again later because the server may be busy and may tell you it can find the file or such.

We still get users jumping on the server to update previous OneCNC versions thinking that there are new features. All previous versions to OneCNCXR2 are finalized and do not receive new features or functionality.

To get the latest technology and you do not have OneCNCXR2 you need to contact your sales office about the OneCNCXR2 because these updates are only for OneCNCXR2.