OneCNCXR 6.38

Update 6.38 released 19th April 2005

This update only applies to OneCNCXR Lathe and OneCNCXR Profiler

There is no need for updates for other software versions because there are no alterations since 6.36 although all versions now carry the 6.38 version number.

All products other than profiler and lathe are current at version 6.36

OneCNCXR Profiler and OneCNCXR Express IMPORTANT update

There was an adjustment made to the automatic offset function to correct anomalies of imported profiles where the start and end points were not correctly sequenced in the files. OneCNCXR now has automatic logic for correcting this. This is an important update and should be immediately updated for Profiler users.

OneCNCXR Lathe Professional and Express

A minor correction was made to the cycle rough with finish preview to better accurately display only in preview.