OneCNCXP 5.45

OneCNCXP 5.45 is released please download.

Toolnotes now work like this:
Notes put into the tool notes is a one off note for that tool on that occasion. The tool note is not carried over or to another tool or even to the next tool in the program. It is always retained a a note for that tool on that occasion and of course can be edited using the edit procedure in the NC manager.

This means that when selecting a tool there are no notes in the notes unless you put them in.

New CAM Post Feature:
Cycles now accept variables for mid lines of cycles. There are some older controllers that require special variables as there are new controllers introducing variables for mid lines of cycles.

This function covers those situations.

One example of this is:
For a Philips Dialog 4 Control of the 1980's they need a variable number in front of the boringcyles for each line.

N10 N*1 G81 F140 S+800 Z-10.
N11 N*1 G00 X10. Y10.
N12 N*1 G00 X20.Y20.

This can be done by creating a new user variable and adding it to the cycle.
There are many other cases but this just describes one particular one.