OneCNCXP 5.42

OneCNCXP 5.42 is released please download.

CAM Inverse Settings:
This update provides for new cam settings for machines that require inverse I and J commands.

Arcs as Lines:
A tolerance has been added for cutting arcs as lines to enable less code for roughing.

The rendering type selection in the rendering window has been modified to prevent scrolling.

Print setting have now saved so if you always like to print 1:1 this is now saved.

Exporting files from OneCNCXP in DXF layer names have been modified to only output alpha and numeric to max 32 char due to the limitations of Autocad DXF.
If you use layer names like 1/2" T1 steel plate this will now read 1_2__T1_steel in Autocad after importing having the / " and spaces replaced with underscores.

Angle line now has a default of 1 in line length.

Rectangle drawing has been corrected in adding fillet to the corners of the rectangle.

Contact your sales office for a link to download.