OneCNC Series Updates

This is a history of all OneCNC updates.

You may notice sometimes there can be a jump in version numbers.

This is due to intensive and continual internal testing where we thoroughly test versions before releasing proven functional updates.

To download updates, see our OneCNC Updates page.

OneCNCXR8 Release 62.43

OneCNCXR8 Release 62.43 is now released

This is what the major changes are in this version.

New Functionality

This new functionality is in all Milling versions including Multi Axis Milling and Multi Axis Lathe versions

This new feature is in Profile function where you can also use the taper tool support to perform bevelling of all angles using taper tools of all angles .

This essentially a profile function can now be used for bevelling of all angles using tapered tools from the tapered tool library.

Although if Chamfer tool library tools are used angle is restricted to angles of 45 Deg.

Tools in the taper tool library are designated by the bottom or tip diameter and the taper can be any custom angle.
The larger diameter of the tapered tool is automatically determined by the angle and the flute length. 

This new function allows the profile to be used for angle bevelling however if the corners are required sharp they need to be selected singularly with lead-in lead out of 0 Deg. that way the corners would be the case of a square block

Tools in the chamfer tool library are known by the major diameter not by the tip diameter and a fixed angle of it is always best to use tools from the taper tool library.


OneCNCXR8 has taper tool support is mainly for pocketing 3D roughing and finishing but can also nan now be easily used for chamfer machining using tools from the taper tool library.

This new dialog seen above only appears if a tapered tool is selected from the taper tool library.

If selected from the chamfer tool library but that one is fixed at 45Deg..

The normal method of using the tool on a taper angle allows for a chamfer of larger size than the tool diameter which is how the function was designed. Now there is vertical control where the chamfer is able to be cut in one pass using Z levels in a confined space such as holes even counterbored holes where there is not enough room to go down the angle method.

profile 2

Machining STL Models
Some STL models could not be machined in XR8 this has now been rectified in this release

3D to 2D Pages Function
3D to 2D drawing function was not working as expected on all models.
The preview image and the actual result 2D drawing was missing many lines in 64 bit versions.

Language Translation
Chinese Translation simplified and traditional has been updated in this version.

Lathe Groove
When Groove Direction was set to 'Bi-directional' for groove roughing toolpath it sometimes left one 'step over' at the right end of the groove.

Lathe Posting
A report that Lathe outputs 'MILL TOOL FORMAT End Lines' instead of 'TURN TOOL FORMAT End Lines was fixed in this version.

Mill Pocketing
The Last cut override finish speeds was not working correctly for Traditional or Zigzag last cut style and this has been rectified in this release.

Mill Facing
It was found that Mill Facing in One direction that climb milling changed to conventional if toolpath angle was set over 91.7°

Clean Circle Function
Retract at feed speed not working correctly in Clean has been corrected in this release.

Retract at feed speed not working correctly in pocketing has been corrected in this release.

3D to 2D Pages Function
We had user requests to retain 3D to 2D pages data if file is opened and saved in an Express version and this has now been implemented in this release.

Version Release OneCNCXR8 62.43 is available in the update server for all licenced OneCNCXR8 users next week.


OneCNCXR8 release 62.35

OneCNCXR8 Release update 62.35

In this release the major changes and fixes are:

Tool Change Variables.
In the mill and lathe tool change dialog there are settings to apply additional variables to the tool change functionality. This version now supports these variables in files posted including groups. Previously groups were not supported.

2D 3D Pages Drawing Function
This function has been updated so that arcs are represented as arcs rather than linear.

File Extents importing files:
Some files from other CAD software is exported with junk entities that have been causing the extents of the file being set in OneCNCXR8. This has now been adjusted to accept the junk without it affecting the extents settings.

Mill Profile Function:
Because OneCNCXR8 supports tapered tools some previous version OneCNC files were causing taper problems which have now been corrected.

Clean Circle Function:
The clean circle zig zag entry function is now working

Version Release OneCNCXR8 62.35 is now available in the update server for all licenced OneCNCXR8 users.


OneCNCXR8 Release 62.33

We have released OneCNCXR8 Version release 62.33

In this version these are the main function changes and fixes:

All Versions

Loading Files
Corrected handling of extents errors of some files with massive extents.

Language Saving
File saving corrections were made to problems saving some language files.

Verify Solids
Corrections were made to the verify solids function.

Parallel Offset
Corrected functionality of chaining

Advanced Offset
Re-enabled Offset Both sidessetting

Step Translator
Further adjustments to import

DXF Translator
OneCNC is now supporting polylines and this version includes corrections to arcs representing polylines
Corrected problems in DXF outpot that included models and or surfaces.
Import DXF part rotate correction
Corrections for some imported incorrect arcs 

NC Manager
Corrected naming save problems

Dimension Mirror
Correct mirror dimension referance lines when using dimension function

Arc Centre
Corrections to arc centre


3Axis Reposition
Corrected and updated pocketing facing and profiling functionalities and associated settings 
Included warning messages to assist users that select wrong plane or have forgot to set the plane correctly before selecting the function.

Boundary selection correction of user selections.

Lathe job sheet not not showing text after creation was corrected.

This is now available in the OneCNC update server to all licenced OneCNCXR8 users