OneCNC Series Updates

This is a history of all OneCNC updates.

You may notice sometimes there can be a jump in version numbers.

This is due to intensive and continual internal testing where we thoroughly test versions before releasing proven functional updates.

To download updates, see our OneCNC Updates page.

OneCNCXR7 Release 52.06

OneCNC has released OneCNCXR7 Release 52.06

This update is applicable to All OneCNC XR7 Versions and available to all licenced users

There is a major update for 4K screens

There is a major update of the internal handling of High Resolution Screens of 4K and the various scaling factors.

When installing OneCNCXR7 on a PC with a 4K monitor these are the suggested settings.

Installing on Windows 10 with High Resolution 4K monitors the best procedure is just to use the standard Windows settings and use the suggested screen scaling that Microsoft suggests in the settings dialog.

That will then scale automatically the dialog and font sizes in OneCNC. OneCNC will normally set the high resolution icons automatically when loading OneCNC but users can also set these in the OneCNC properties in the software.

Installation Procedure

Right mouse click on the Windows 10 Desktop screen

Then select display settings and this dialog should appear.

This should be towards the bottom of this dialog as shown here.

high res 1

This next dialog will show the select scale and layout setting and set it to the recomended setting of Windows 10

In this case the recommended is 250%

This will automatically set  the text and dialog of OneCNC to their recommended high resolution settings.

high res 2

OneCNC will automatically select the high resolution icons however if you prefer to increase the icon size further go to > File > Properties > Display and select the icon settings to set accordingly.

high res 3

There are other functionality updates included as well that have been found by our continual testing and customer reports.

OneCNCXR7 Version 52.06 is now available from the update server.


OneCNCXR7 Release 52.04

OneCNC has released OneCNCXR7 Version Release 52.04

This is now available in the OneCNC Update Server.

This update is applicable to all OneCNCXR7 Versions.

This update has various minor corrections and updates found in OneCNC testing as well as user reports.This OneCNC Update is the start to supporting Parasolid v30.0 files.

Parasolid version v30.0 extends classic B-rep modelling towards the power of Convergent Modelling. Parasolid v30.0 delivers enhancements to classic B-rep to enable more sophisticated functionality more effectively

OneCNCXR7 Version 52.04+ is the beginning of Parasolid v30 support for importing files. 

This update is now available to all licenced users of OneCNCXR7 from the update server.


OneCNCXR7 Release 52.03

We have released today OneCNCXR7 Version Update 52.03

This update is applicable to all versions of OneCNCXR7

There is an adjustment to the help file for all versions

There are also language updates

There are also various adjustments from internal testing and user reports.

OneCNCXR7 Mill Versions

There is an update to the Hole Feature Function

Counterbore Function

Now supports Ball Mill and Bull Mill as well as Flat End Mill
This also applies to the helix function also helix with taper function

helix 1

This next graphic shows flat end mill

Important Note:

The function now supports a ball mill or a bull mill.

This function is primarily for counterbore where there is a flat bottom using an end mill.
When using these tools for a through hole rather than a counter-bore the tip radius will need to be added to the depth to remove the tip radius at the bottom of the through hole.

helix 2

This OneCNCXR7 Version Update 52.03 is now available in the OneCNC update server.