OneCNC Series Updates

This is a history of all OneCNC updates.

You may notice sometimes there can be a jump in version numbers.

This is due to intensive and continual internal testing where we thoroughly test versions before releasing proven functional updates.

To download updates, see our OneCNC Updates page.

OneCNCXR4 21.19

This update is applicable to all OneCNCXR4 versions:

The DXF import and DWG import has been changed

Now when importing DXF and DWG files the dashed and centre lines etc are converted to OneCNC dashed and centre entities. We found that some CAD were not exporting correctly the attributes so we made some small changes to help assist in getting the correct style lines on importing. 


OneCNCXR4 21.18

This update is applicable to all OneCNCXR4 versions:

The DXF import and DWG import has been changed

Now when importing DXF and DWG files the dashed and centre lines etc are converted to OneCNC dashed and centre entities.

This now enables a user to select the entities to verify size or process in the CAM section of OneCNC. This will mean that the dashed and centre lines will take on the format sush as spacing and visual of the OneCNC entities rather than the format used in the originating CAD. This was due to popular request to enable the entities to be processed in OneCNC CAM functionality.

For example dashed line circles will be found with feature recognition and shown as circle entities and can now be selected for processing.

A dashed chain as a pocket boundary can be selected as a pocked for machining or profiling.

Users must remember that dashed lines cannot be cut using engrave or cut chain (unless they are modified to solid) because a dashed line represents and invokes rapid clearance.

To engrave all or to cut chain (using cut chain function) the entities or chain must be first selected then modified to solid entities for processing in the CAM. This is done by first selecting then going to the modify on the bottom menu to per form the modification to solid.


All languages were updated with the latest translation in each localized language.

A new language is now included OneCNC has now included Portuguese because of the intention to open direct OneCNC offices in Brazil and Portugal.

Help Files

The help file has again been extensively added to and brought completely up-to-date with the present version capabilities including tutorials.


Translators in general were tweaked to better handle where possible files that had been recently reported.

Notes on importing files:

This is a few tips for users requiring high tolerance 2D CAM machining from models.

When importing files into OneCNC with the main requirement being 2D geometry for processing 2D CAM operations the following tips would be of assistance.

Most reputable modelling systems have the ability to export wireframe in both STEP and IGES as well as solids and this can be defined in the output and set. The wireframe is generally exported on a separate layer to the solids and can be easily separated in OneCNC. The setting for exporting the wireframe is generally found in the exporting options section of the file export.

This is especially important for high tolerance work because although the designer may have designed using accurate sizes but this is often now exported in the model. This is because the model is only exported with the default tolerance and not to the high degree of decimals that the user may have used.

OneCNC of course provides the ability to extract the edges of the models but this is a service functionality to assist in getting the job done and is not a replacement for the high tolerances that a user may require in certain quality machining.

OneCNC can only extract what is there in the model edges and often this is of less accuracy than the wireframe that can be exported therefore may need to be edited and accuracy trimmed to make it suitable in some cases. This is because of the tolerance that may be in the originating CAD model. It is not possible to rectify or create what is not there in the model. This only applies to imported files and OneCNC models created in the system do not have the same accuracy problems if extracted in OneCNC.


OneCNCXR4 21.16

OneCNC has released OneCNCXR4 update 21.16.

This update is applicable to all versions.

The OneCNC Help files have been significantly updated to reflect the vast number of additions there has been since the release of OneCNCXR4.

The translation for the localized country products have all been updated.

These updates include: Polish Danish Dutch German French Italian Portuguese Korean Japanese languages.

As well as the translation of all the above languages all languages are now supported for the tool tips throughout the systems.

New Solidworks translation for Solidworks version 2011.

Updated translators for DXF, DWG, STEP, IGES Parasolid, SAT, 3DM Rhino and VDA-FS.

OneCNCXR4 Mill Express Mill Professional Mill Advantage and Mill Expert versions.

Adjustment to the Point Move function and now with the provision to edit and customize the clearances and feed rates.

OneCNCXR4 Lathe Express and Professional versions

Adjustments were made to the OneCNCXR4 Lathe to ensure that if the feed is changed to or from CSS the code is changed accordingly.

OneCNCXR4 Mill Expert version

Heidenhain 539 control is now supported for 5 axis simultaneous machining using the plane tilt cycle and the automatic reset of the revolutions.