OneCNC Series Updates

This is a history of all OneCNC updates.

You may notice sometimes there can be a jump in version numbers.

This is due to intensive and continual internal testing where we thoroughly test versions before releasing proven functional updates.

To download updates, see our OneCNC Updates page.

OneCNCXR2 Released

OneCNCXR2 New Version Released October 29 2005

OneCNCXR is now a completed software and all development is now in XR2.

OneCNCXR2 is a major and the most technically advanced upgrade ever released.

OneCNCXR2 is also the 6th generation of 100% Windows Desktop CAD/CAM software in 12 years of Windows development.

This also completes 17 years of continuous OneCNC software development.

Each global office will be contacting you and advising you of the availability and cost to upgrade from your existing software in your local currency.

The major functionality additions available in all OneCNCXR2 versions.

1. Complete new GUI Interface with Microsoft Office Look
2. New Help files and new Tutorials
3. 3D construction planes with 7 positioning methods
4. 3D construction planes can be named and saved
5. Automatic sizing of planes to part size
6. New feature recognition support for all planes
7. Scissors trim, this function is a logic oriented function that speeds up the trimming of geometry.
8. New advance cardinal spline
9. New optimize line function support for mixed entities
10. New custom named construction planes
11. Drag on all planes
12. Sketch on all planes
13. Image Trace: Raster to Vector support of image files including JPG, BMP, PNG, & TIF.
14. Export PDF drawing files
15. Updated File Translators.
16. Tool length definition for Simulation and Tool-path Preview
17. Tool and Tool Holder display in Tool-path preview and Simulation
18. Support for associating tool holder to particular tools.
19. Automatic wizard for creating milling tool holders
20. Export drawing screen as PDF, JPG, GIF, TIF, PNG, BMP
21. New DNC Communications with color coding and terminal mode
22. New OneCNC Today with soon to be released automatic update advice features.
23. New Tool-tips with customizable selection of styles
24. New Icons with customizable selection of sizes and types.
25. New feature in mill profile to allow overlap
26. Automatic unseen correction of errors in 2D DXF files
27. New selection of 7 languages on installation
28. New ability to suit the various different language keyboards and operating systems.
29. New function ability in helix for automatic lead in lead out for thread milling
30. New ability of vectorize fonts in other languages where supported in that operating system
31. A new logic intensive function for real-time sectioning of 3D models
32. New advanced compiling technology that has made the software faster
33. New software install with language selection support
34. Approved for use in Microsoft Windows-XP 64 bit OS

The Major added functionality additions to the OneCNCXR2 Professional and Expert versions:

35. Simple switching between 3 4 and 5 axis machining methods
36. Create solids on all planes
37. Extrude on all planes
38. Automatic Split with Plane
39. Automatic Extrude of curves with or without taper
40. Automatic Extrude Cut with or without taper
41. Automatic Extrude Boss with or without taper
42. Automatic Extrude Fonts with or without taper
43. Automation of Extrude surfaces with or without taper
44. Automation of Extrude using curves, surfaces, fonts in model operations.
45. Split model by plane (infinite orientation)
46. New Advanced V4 filleting (Professional, Expert, Solid Creator)
47. New V4 Shelling (Expert)
48. Advances to revolved surface logic to automatically handle sharp corner construction.
49. Optional 4th axis wrap machining Professional and Expert
50. Optional 4th axis position machining Professional and Expert
51. Optional 4th axis full machining Professional and Expert
52. Support for 4 axis rotaries using degrees per minute feed calculation
53. Support for directional changes in 4 axis rotary
54. Support for 4 axis requiring direction by angles
55. Support for decimal control for the multi axis
56. Support for max and min angle range of the 4 axis
57. Support for brake lock support for multi axis
58. Ability to use all 3 axis machining functions in 4 axis position machining
59. Optional 5th axis machining (3 + 2)
60. Ability to use all 3 axis machining functions in 4 axis position machining
61. Ability to model and live preview 4th axis rotary tables and 5th axis trunnion units.
62. Ability to model and live preview of 5th axis trunnion units.
63. Enhanced and new optimization of tool-path strategy speeds.
64. Complete redesign and incorporation of 4 and 5 axis machining all into the same post as 3 axis