OneCNC Series Updates

This is a history of all OneCNC updates.

You may notice sometimes there can be a jump in version numbers.

This is due to intensive and continual internal testing where we thoroughly test versions before releasing proven functional updates.

To download updates, see our OneCNC Updates page.

OneCNCXR7 Release 52.03

We have released today OneCNCXR7 Version Update 52.03

This update is applicable to all versions of OneCNCXR7

There is an adjustment to the help file for all versions

There are also language updates

There are also various adjustments from internal testing and user reports.

OneCNCXR7 Mill Versions

There is an update to the Hole Feature Function

Counterbore Function

Now supports Ball Mill and Bull Mill as well as Flat End Mill
This also applies to the helix function also helix with taper function

helix 1

This next graphic shows flat end mill

Important Note:

The function now supports a ball mill or a bull mill.

This function is primarily for counterbore where there is a flat bottom using an end mill.
When using these tools for a through hole rather than a counter-bore the tip radius will need to be added to the depth to remove the tip radius at the bottom of the through hole.

helix 2

This OneCNCXR7 Version Update 52.03 is now available in the OneCNC update server.


OneCNCXR7 Release 52.02

We have today released OneCNCXR7 Version Update 52.02

This version has an update to the OneCNC install due to the file read import for Solidworks.

Solidworks 2018 requires the latest run-time files for Windows and this update checks and installs these files if required.

This OneCNCXR7 52.02 version updates the OneCNC tool File library directory for both the mill and lathe versions.

OneCNC now stories the tool / material library in the settings/Libraries/default  directory.

tool file 1

OneCNCXR7 Tool Library Files are now being stored in the Libraries Default directory.

Tool Files (also include material file) are stored in the default directory to ensure that the tool file and material is always accessible for all the users of the software and available for templates features use.

For users that wish to have tool files saved for particular reasons such as named for particular machines or particular sections of the shop you can "save library as" the required name accordingly to separate them as they will all be in the common "default" directory.

This is a "shared directory" and gives the ability for all users of the particular software to have full access to the tool and material libraries and load the file that they require.

The "default" directory is now the only place that OneCNC Mill and Lathe applications 52.02+ store the libraries.

Users that may have libraries stored in other directories can import them into the default directory.

Users can also store files as backups in other directories for safe keeping..

"Manage Tool Library" interface can be used to import the file to the "default" directory.

tool file 2

OneCNC products information on Tool Tool Changer and Tool and Material libraries in the online help file in the OneCNC application.

OneCNC Update Server

This server can be found in the support section of the OneCNC Web

There has been changes in Google Chrome and MS Explorer browsers so we have made an adjustment to the automatic access for the updates of OneCNC.

We had received a few reports and made changes to improve access for the update server.

The changes are applicable to when in OneCNC you access Help>>OneCNC Updates if you are online with the internet you will be taken to the update server.

From there you will see if there is an applicable update with your licence.

Please take a moment while you are there to check your registration details.

From there you should be able to download your update.

If all fails just use the dongle number and licence from the about box to download the update.

The OneCNC version update 52.02 is now available in the OneCNC File manager.


OneCNCXR7 Release 51.98

OneCNC has released OneCNCXR7 Version Update 51.98

This version is applicable to all OneCNCXR7 CAD CAM software applications

Update Contents:

There is a major upgrade to the translators in this version to bring them to the current update requirements.


Solidworks now suits all versions up to Solidworks 2018 in 64 Bit OS.

Solidworks have changed file data this latest Solidworks 2018 release.


OneCNCXR7 51.98 supports all files up to Solidworks 2018 in 64 bit version of OneCNC only.

OneCNCXR7 51.98 32 Bit Version will read Solidworks files up to 2017 version only.

This is because the Solidworks files in 2018 are only 64 Bit readable.

This will mean that OneCNC users will need to have 64 Bit OneCNC to read Solidworks 2018 files.

Users with only 32 Bit OneCNC will need to request their supplier supply the files as STEP files because the 2018 sldprt files are 64 Bit

Users with OneCNC 32 Bit OS attempting to load Solidworks 2018 files will see a message to update their OS to 64 Bit to read this file.

OneCNC Licenced users can update to 64 Bit version free of cost simply by installing the OneCNCXR7 51.98 on to a Windows 64 Bit OS.


Major update

Major Update

Major update

Major Update

Major update

Major Update

OneCNC Help Files
All English help files have major updates to include all the XR7 changes

Updates to the Japanese Italian and German language versions

Other Changes
Numerous updates from user reports and internal testing and practical use

OneCNC Mill and Lathe Tool Libraries
Both Miill and Lathe tool libraries when used  in conjunction with user profiles have had a major update to handle seperate tool libraries for individual profile users..

For users that use the default profile will not see any change

Each new user profile created will be loaded with the OneCNC default tool library.

For licenced users of OneCNC the OneCNCXR7 Version Update 51.98 is available in the OneCNC Update server