OneCNC Series Updates

This is a history of all OneCNC updates.

You may notice sometimes there can be a jump in version numbers.

This is due to intensive and continual internal testing where we thoroughly test versions before releasing proven functional updates.

To download updates, see our OneCNC Updates page.

OneCNCXR7 Update 51.15

We have released OneCNCXR7 Version Release 51.15

This is now available in the OneCNC update server

What are the main features of this update.

OneCNCXR7 All Versions

Update to the Chinese Traditional Language

OneCNCXR7 Milling Versions

In all the milling versions Multiple parts number is now showing in the NC Manager.


OneCNC XR7 Lathe Versions

The Lathe Parting cycle
This function has been updated and accurately allows for a finish cut with a combined chamfer or radius on the part edge.
This allows for part off and the part being parted can have a chamfer or radius on the back of the part performed with the same parting tool. 


The lathe tool file supports the Trigon shape tip
OneCNCXR7 Lathe versions now supports the trigon shape tip for turning and facing.


OneCNCXR7 Lathe Tool Holders
The lathe install now has added tools in the turn face for L and R holders that include the trigon tiip shape.

These new holders will only appear in new application installations.
If you have just the standard supplied tools installed in your library with no added tools or holders and you wish to have the updated tool file do the following.
Close OneCNCXR7 Lathe go the the settings directory of lathe and there should be a default library folder just rename the files in the default tool file directory and OneCNCXR7 will then automatically install the new tool file when you next open and use lathe.

There are other adjustments and corrections to the nose tangent and tip centre settings of the triangular tip


OneCNCXR7 lathe can support custom shape tips but in each case the tip will graphically only be represented as a diamond shape with the leading and trailing angles as set by the  the custom settings.

This is so the user does not need to create the tip shape for the custom angles.
Although we have now added the trigon shape it was not necessary to actually have the actual trigon shape to use that tip because it has the same leading and trailing angles as the diamond roughing tip

All that OneCNCXR7 needed was the leading and trailing edges of the tip to create the tool paths.
The rest of the shape is only visual representation which has no actual effect on the tool path itself.
The reason for mentioning this is because many users manufacture their own tools and create their own brazed on tips ground to specific custom angles.

In these cases the tip will be represented by a diamond shape with leading and trailing angles as set in the tool library description.
Users need to be aware that this is available as custom settings.
When creating custom tips the orientation is guided by the holder so all the user needs to do is select a holder that will give the correct orientation and create the custom tip accordingly.
The name in the library for the holder and or custom tip can then be named accordingly.

For further information use the OneCNC help files for information.


OneCNCXR7 Update 51.10

OneCNCXR7 Update release 51.10 is now available in the OneCNC update server.

This update is a combination of changes and improvements for all versions of OneCNCXR7 products.

The language versions have been updated .

New drawing templates have been added

Stability of software improvements have been included in this version.


OneCNCXR7 Update 51.06

OneCNCXR7 Update release 51.06 is now available in the OneCNC update server.

This update is a combination of changes and improvements for all versions of OneCNCXR7 products.

OneCNCXR7 All Versions

Large File Dynamic Rotation.

There is a major change in the software how OneCNCXR7 handles large files for dynamic viewing.
With high quality rendering set large files with many small fillets dynamic viewing was sometimes slow.
Large files caused the rotation zooming and panning to be sometimes jerky slow and not smooth.

There is now a major change internally how these large files are handled and new technology is included to provide smooth dynamic viewing..

.Users will be pleased with this new performance ability.

When a dimension is applied in 3D the current plane for the dimension must be active.

For users that just make simple dimension drawings without tolerances notes and other text in their dimensions now have the ability to set the default edit mode on or off.

When this is set to off any dimensions requiring text symbols or tolerances will need to use edit dimension after placement of the dimension.

dim edit

OneCNCXR7 Dark Theme
OneCNCXR7 Dark Theme has improved colours ans the default settings for the theme. 

OneCNCXR7 Lathe Versions

OneCNC Groove Control For Boring has been updated

Boring bar grooving now supports the groove control same as external turning.

groove control

Internal grooving now also supports collision control if the groove control is turned on in boring as well

bore 1 

When Boring if the cut grooves is turned off it is now the same as turning OD

bore 2

You will notice that we also support the neutral tool for boring as well as turning and this shows the gouge checking on each side of the groove.

You may not use this tool for this application but we use it to display checking the collision avoidance correctly.

Neutral Tool OD Turning

Here is the OD tool with a finishing cut

bore 3

Here is simulation to show the tool

bore 4

OneCNCXR7 Mill Versions

Active Cut Feed Control
Due to the wide acceptance and and use of this functionality we have had a large amount of feed back and as well we have continued to test and research from this information and as well as our continued development and are now releasing an update in this functionality.

OneCNCXR7 Active Cut Feed Control is tuned to suit all machines in normal machining where  linear and arc machining is performed. This update has many improvements and also applies to how we handle arcs and certain linear movement in the feed control. Other improvements apply to how the settings are used when using machine cutter compensation or G41 G42.


OneCNCXR7 Simulation for tapered milling cutters has simulation accuracy improvements.


When using pocket or profile function with tapered end mills it is important to remember the following.

1. Tapered end mills are defined by the diameter at the small or bottom end of the end mill and tapers larger from there..

2. When defining a profile or pocket for the tapered end mill you need to define it to suit the bottom diameter

tapered mill