OneCNC Series Updates

This is a history of all OneCNC updates.

You may notice sometimes there can be a jump in version numbers.

This is due to intensive and continual internal testing where we thoroughly test versions before releasing proven functional updates.

To download updates, see our OneCNC Updates page.

OneCNCXR5 30.47

This up date applies to the Milling Versions of OneCNCXR5

These was an adjustment made to the Facing function Mill Expert Mill Professional Mill Advantage and Mill Express.

 There were additions to the language translations for that function.


OneCNCXR5 30.46

This is an important release because it corrects a problem in Mill versions using traditional pocket.

There was a problem reported in traditional pocket in certain circumstances and settings and this important update is released to correct this.

In other OneCNCXR5 versions such as lathe Wire EDM the update is mainly language corrections changes and additions.

There are also a number of minor corrections doe to reports and internal quality checking.

There are also 6 new languages to reflect the changes and additional functionality.

OneCNCXR5 30.46 is now available in the update server. 


OneCNCXR5 30.45

There are many new features in this release:

OneCNCXR5 Milling Versions new functionality: 

This applies to Mill Express Mill Advantage Mill Professional and Mill Expert versions.

Stock Tool Paths facing function has been replaced with new functionality which appears similar in the dialogs to make it compatible with previous tool paths but underneath is is new with new functionality.

Zig Zag Facing now has the ability to set the facing angle of the tool path.
Zig Zag now has logic to handle irregular shaped facing areas as well as square or rectangular shapes.
Zig Zag now has logic to handle the high feed with better safety if there is insufficient clearance set for high feed in the transitions.

Single direction facing has the ability to set the facing angle of the tool path.
The single direction has logic to handle irregular shaped facing as well as rectangular shapes.

Spiral facing has new logic to assist in creating the shortest spiral path.
Spiral facing now handles irregular shapes as well as the rectangular type shapes.
The spiral function starts off the facing area then enters the spiral motion to face the part.

OneCNCXR5 Mill Expert version
The OneCNCXR5 Mill Expert version has a new tool path strategy added.
This new tool path is a Z level finish toolpath and with the use of a boundary can be used as a rest finishing operation in a continual down zig zag function. This function only applies to Mill Expert and is found in the cutter entry style setting in the Z level finish tool path dialog.

Milling Simulation
OneCNCXR5 Simulation now has the ability to interactively set the tool and the tool holder on or off to assist with viewing of the metal removal tool path.

Milling Preview
OneCNCXR5 Preview now has the ability to interactively set the tool and the tool holder on or off to assist with viewing of the back plot tool path.

Support for Datron Machines
OneCNC can now support Datron machines. This control needs special ability for arcs being described as start angle end angle together with a diameter value. If you have a Datron machine and you have OneCNCXR5 30.45 version or later contact your OneCNC office who can assist you with a post for this machine control.

Solidworks Import
New functionality has been added to Solidworks import tom assist in handling difficult surface types.

Wire EDM
OneCNCXR5 Wire EDM now shows the tool path preview with a simulated depth in the 2D mode so that the user can now verify if the tool path has a taper added and to which side. Even if the tool path is vertical the OneCNC still shows the preview to enable the user to easily visually see the settings in the case where a taper could be still set from previous.

Reports and Changes
A number of changes were made due to reports being forwarded to our support network.

These included:

Changes to Rotate Function.
Changes to Graphic Screen for Mac with Parallels version.
Clean circle in the hole feature recognition.
Preview of Wire EDM
Lathe cycle line numbering
Mill Multiple parts work offsets.

OneCNCXR5 Version 30.45 is now available in the update server.