OneCNC Series Updates

This is a history of all OneCNC updates.

You may notice sometimes there can be a jump in version numbers.

This is due to intensive and continual internal testing where we thoroughly test versions before releasing proven functional updates.

To download updates, see our OneCNC Updates page.

OneCNCXR5 30.69

OneCNCXR5 30.69 contains further adjustment to the DXF and DWG import and export of files. 

OneCNCXR5 30.69 contains further adjustment for "Arc 2 Points" function


OneCNCXR5 30.67

This update applies to all versions of OneCNCXR5

ARC 2 points
OneCNCXR5 now has a new improved function for drawing arc 2 points. Users can now select lines for auto tangent, line end points, grid points or just sketched positions. This is some of the examples and you will also note that the radius can be larger than distance as per this example.

Help File
The help file has had a further major update.

Language Updates
Several languages have been updated to reflect recent changes

OneCNCXR5 Mill Express
Adjustments were made to allow 3 axis reposition ability in OneCNCXR5 Mill Express.

OneCNCXR5 Mill Expert
OneCNCXR5 Mill Expert undercut machining when using wheel or slot cutter has spindle shaft control to assist in gouge clearance control.