OneCNC Series Updates

This is a history of all OneCNC updates.

You may notice sometimes there can be a jump in version numbers.

This is due to intensive and continual internal testing where we thoroughly test versions before releasing proven functional updates.

To download updates, see our OneCNC Updates page.

OneCNCXR4 20.69

Some additions Some languages Some adjustments First the additions:

New Offset Tool Path for OneCNCXR4 mill Expert:
A new constant offset tool path has been added to OneCNCXR4 mill expert.

New 3D boundary ability added to all milling version:
This new boundary technology allows machining boundary creation and selection to be 3D. For example the boundary could be the boundary of a 3D surface edges.

In this example it can be used both for the machining boundary and the simulation boundary.

Here is the tool path boundary

New Smart Boundary:
This new smart boundary automatically creates a boundary from a single selection entity. For example to create a boundary around a surface it is only necessary to select a single surface edge and the complete boundary is created from that selection. This is automatically invoked from the select single entity function. If you only require a part of the boundary in the case of a part profile you only need to select the boundary part required.

New language updates for:
Korean, Danish, Dutch, German, Japanese, Polish languages have been updated.

Support for Centre Drills in Simulation:
OneCNCXR4 simulation has been extended and to support Centre Drills in more simulation modes including 3 axis, 4 axis and 5axis tool paths. This functionality is also supported in multiple part processing. This is now incorporated in the OneCNCXR4 Mill Expert OneCNCXR4 Mill Professional OneCNCXR4 Mill Advantage and OneCNCXR4 Mill Express.

Further adjustments were made to STEP IGES SAT translators.

Imported Model Colors:
When importing models they are imported in the set colour of surfaces and models that you have set in OneCNC.


OneCNCXR4 20.67

Some additions Some languages Some adjustments First the additions:

Originally put up as 20.66 but because of backwards compatibility changed to 20.67

Adjustments to Simulation/Rest
Adjustments have been made to large size parts. Some users machining parts of 1000 mm in size and simulation/Rest was slow and not so easy to define how much was left on so adjustments were made to better show rest amounts after simulation

Adjustments to Translators
Adjustments have been made to the following translators.
STEP IGES Parasolid Solidworks SAT VDA-FS and 3DM.

Extensive additions have been made to the help files
The help files have had extensive changes to represent the additions since release as well as many additions and improvements to the tutorials. It is recommended that all users get this update because it now includes many new explanations and answers.


OneCNCXR4 20.62

Some additions Some languages Some adjustments First the additions:

OneCNCXR4 Mill Expert: 
In OneCNCXR4 mill expert the joining and parting tools Knife Cutter has been added to work on planes. Before it only worked as default only XY and not plane controlled.

All Versions: 
DXF/DWG is now available to all versions of OneCNCXR4

OneCNCXR4 Solid Creator: 
In solid creator new functions have now been added to the solid creator similar to the featuers added to Mill Expert.

OneCNCXR4 Solid Creator and Pages Module: 
Now has a new feature working providing automatic view from plane function.

OneCNC languages: 
The following languages have been updated with the latest languages as supplied. Polish Japanese German Danish Italian Dutch French

OneCNCXR4 Mill Professional and Mill Expert there was an adjustment made to the logic to better control very fine movements sometimes even finer than the 3rd decimal in metric to Z level planar style machining.