OneCNC Series Updates

This is a history of all OneCNC updates.

You may notice sometimes there can be a jump in version numbers.

This is due to intensive and continual internal testing where we thoroughly test versions before releasing proven functional updates.

To download updates, see our OneCNC Updates page.

OneCNCXR4 20.32

Added serialization for 5 axis simultaneous where required

Added new dialog for point coordinate to allow interactive setting to plane or origin of a point with visual indication.


OneCNCXR4 released as Version 20.29

OneCNCXR4 brings you many new features, which are the result of intensive research and development.  Many of the new features are in response to requests from end users, and have been tested by highly experienced machinists and engineers.

These are just some of the features included in this major new version.

New Tool path management features —

Multiple Parts

OneCNC Mill Expert and Mill Professional only.

From a singular program this functionality has the ability to automatically create repeated position programs.

This functionality can be used for making multiple parts from a singular billet of material or multiple parts using separate vices or fixtures using a work shift method.

In the case of Haas Fanuc or ISO this can be using G52 method or the G54 G55 etc method.

The Multiple Parts functions allow you to define too paths for a single part, and then specify repeats of the tool paths in arrays, at multiple new locations.

If you have the multi axis module you can rotate the tool paths or apply them to a plane position based off the original single tool path plane.

For 3 axis work this method of multiple tool path, is capable of creating repeats by using subroutines creating less code for the older machines.

Heidenhain is also supported for the 3 axis multiple parts from a singular tool path program using the datum shift cycle method.

NC Manager group control

All OneCNC CAM products have these new capabilities in the NC Manager.

This function allows the user to simulate or post all groups as if they were one group.

NC Manager on/off control

Groups or individual tool paths can be turned on or off for preview and posting.   This gives you even more flexibility with tool path management and viewing of tool paths.

New Post Tool Sort

All versions of OneCNC Mill, and optional Lathe Mill Turn modules.

Tools are sorted in the post for maximum machining efficiency.

This also applies to 3 axis sub routine generated programs.

Machining and extents boundary highlighting

All versions of OneCNC Mill and Lathe.

When the tool path preview is shown in the drawing window, the boundary used in its definition will be highlighted.

Lathe Sub spindle lathe support

OneCNCXR4 Lathe Professional now supports sub spindle lathes and has the ability of separate post control for each spindle.

This allows to have a post for the main spindle and a separate post for the sub spindle.

New 5 axis Module Mill Expert —

5 axis simultaneous tool path module

Optional module for OneCNC Mill Expert only.

This provides 5 axis simultaneous tool path using collision avoidance of the tool, the tool holder, the machine spindle and or the machine head.

This module has 8 new tool path strategies for 5 axis simultaneous machining, including 5 axis undercut machining. Full simulation of metal removal and preview is also provided for this 5 axis ability.

New Tool path Strategies —

Undercut machining

OneCNC Mill Expert only.

With this new tool path a 3 axis machine can be programmed to cut undercuts on parts using a 'lollipop' style cutter.

Thread milling

All versions of OneCNC Mill, and optional Lathe Mill Turn modules.

Automatic and custom cutting of standard thread forms using thread milling cutters in 3 axis, or positional modules of 4 axis and 5 axis in milling or the mill turn modules of lathe. 

A comprehensive library of standard thread forms built into the toolpath definition means you can select the thread form in the same way as tools and materials.

Corner Rounding

All versions of OneCNC Mill, and the optional modules of Lathe Mill Turn.

A tool path which automates the making of a tool path using corner rounding cutters.

New multi axis clearance plane

An extra input in the Clearances dialog for safe clearance during multi axis positional indexing.

This feature is especially handy for multi axis work but can also be used for 3 axis if needed.

New Simulation Capability —

New tool Simulation

All versions of OneCNC Mill, and optional Lathe Mill Turn modules.

The tool and its associated holder, together with the machine head which you can define, are simulated for accurate visual clearance checking.

Quick Check Simulation

OneCNC Mill Expert and Mill Professional only.

This uses pre-defined settings to go straight to the end result of the toolpath or group, without displaying the tool simulation.

This functionality is only for 3 axis parts and is especially useful for multiple parts to prove part clearances.

New CAD Capability —

Extracted Sectioning

All versions of OneCNC.


Use the Section tool to generate cross section geometry automatically. 

This is an addition to the CAD side of OneCNC for creating sections in drawings as well as in models.

Origin or Plane coordinate ability

All versions of OneCNC.

When using a construction plane you can choose to draw in the world coordinates, or the coordinate system of the plane itself.  


The usual drawing environment uses the standard Cartesian X, Y and Z coordinates. 


When in this mode the origin icon at the right of the Status Bar will show the word 'origin', and coordinates you enter in commands will correspond to the axis indicator in the lower left of the drawing screen. When switched to the plane the values will correspond to the axis indicator of the plane.  


By clicking the origin icon in the Status Bar, we can change to plane coordinates.  When in this mode coordinates you enter in commands will be relative to the coordinate system of the plane.


A plane axis indicator will appear at the plane coordinate system origin, and the origin icon in the Status Bar will change to the word 'plane'.

New Tooling and Holders Management —

Tool Changer

All versions of OneCNC Mill, and optional Lathe Mill Turn modules now have this new tool changer functionality.  


The Select Tool dialog now has a tool changer tool management.


The Tool Changer dialog has a tab like the original Tool Library, but with added tool types. All milling versions have these added tools but the particular functionality may vary between versions.

 For example express does not have 3D model machining ability. Mill Expert is the only version that has automatic undercut machining ability. 

There is also a Favourites tab which shows a list of favourites you have tagged in the Tool Library, as well as tools which are present in operations in the current file.  This gives you quick access to the tools you use most.

New Tool Types

All versions of OneCNC Mill, and optional Lathe Mill Turn modules.

The tool changer Library now has categories for 9 new tool types—

1. Rounding


2. Taper end


3. Lollipop


4. Thread mill


5. Slot


6. Dovetail


7. Engrave


8. Spot drill


9. Reamer


Multiple Tool Libraries

All versions of OneCNC Mill, and optional Lathe Mill Turn modules.


Tool Libraries can now be saved and changed at will.


You might keep separate libraries for tools according to the machine you use them on, the units, or supplier, it is up to you how you use this powerful new feature.

Tool Holders

All versions of OneCNC Mill, and optional Lathe Mill Turn modules.


The new Tool Holders dialog means you can define your own 3D Tool Holders, or select from the pre-defined standard holders.  Holders are linked to tools in the tool library and are used in simulation, and in the optional 5 axis simultaneous module for collision avoidance.