OneCNC Series Updates

This is a history of all OneCNC updates.

You may notice sometimes there can be a jump in version numbers.

This is due to intensive and continual internal testing where we thoroughly test versions before releasing proven functional updates.

To download updates, see our OneCNC Updates page.

OneCNCXR3 10.93

Information updated 22nd January 2009 ***

OneCNC has pleasure in releasing this latest update.

This is an update plus the release of new versions.

These are the new OneCNCXR3 products.

Customer Responsive Development: In today’s competitive manufacturing environment it is becoming even more important to be able to take supplied data and turn it into physical parts in the most cost effective manner possible.

We know real customer satisfaction is achieved when the machine tools perform at their best. Combine this with fast turn around and quality parts is all part of our continual strive to provide the best product at the best cost.

Again it is our pleasure to offer these products to the industry that has helped OneCNC to become an emerging leader in CAD/CAM globally. 

The more support that we get from our users enables to offer more to the user and with our development record we like to think we have proved this.

This has been another multi-million software development by OneCNC that now encompasses the complete range of OneCNCXR3 products.

Firstly we list the new products that have been added to the OneCNCXR3 range of machining solutions.

OneCNCXR3 Lathe with Mill Turn ability (New Products)

OneCNCXR3 Lathe Express
OneCNCXR3 Lathe Express C axis live tooling module
OneCNCXR3 Lathe Professional
OneCNCXR3 Lathe Professional C axis live tooling module
OneCNCXR3 Lathe Professional C + Y axis live tooling module
OneCNCXR3 Lathe Professional C + Y + B axis live tooling module

All of these have unique industry leading 2D and 3D metal removal multi axis simulation and integrated rest analysis.

We believe that these new OneCNCXR3 Lathe multi function products will greatly assist the industry to reap the benefit of using products that the user can understand and fully utilize their machines.

OneCNCXR3 Wire EDM (New Product)

OneCNCXR3 Wire EDM Professional 

This product now includes all the applicable new features that the XR3 Milling Versions have become globally renowned for.

OneCNCXR3 Profiler (New Products)

OneCNCXR3 Profiler Express
OneCNCXR3 Profiler Professional

These products now includes all the applicable new features that the XR3 Versions have become globally renowned for.

OneCNCXR3 Milling Versions (Updated Products)

All the OneCNCXR3 Milling products have new metal removal material simulation.
This is for 2, 3, 4, and 5 axis simulation.
This is now combines with Rest simulation directly interfaced with the metal removal to compare the machining with the original model.

OneCNCXR3 Mill Express
OneCNCXR3 Mill Advantage
OneCNCXR3 Mill Professional
OneCNCXR3 Mill Expert
OneCNCXR3 Milling Professional and Expert 4 axis module
OneCNCXR3 Milling Professional and Expert 4 + 5 axis module

All of these where applicable now have this unique industry leading 3D metal removal multi axis simulation and integrated rest analysis.

This outstanding quality and ability allows where applicable the user to machine the part and physically compare it with the original design model - instantly.

We believe that this new product ability really has to be seen to be believed it really is that good.

Please read these notes before updating your software.***

We can't stress enough the need to read the information concerning system hardware requirements for this new software.

It is not compulsory to update the software that is your choice completely version 10.65 at this time is the same just without the new functionality. The OneCNC Version 10.65 will not be updated further because it has now been replaced by 10.94.

Before to download the update you need to compare your PC to what the requirements are as listed in the update server.

You can see quite clearly whether your hardware is suitable before you even take the steps to download and install it. 

It is clearly stated there may be some pain for users that have out of date PC hardware or lacking in basic requirements.

T have compliant hardware is no expensive because it does not require expensive graphics cards like most other CAM products.

The OneCNCXR3 update includes far more than the average software includes as a complete upgrade. OneCNC has provided this at no cost to users.

We knew there would be a few users that may not have the suitable hardware but but the same token we did not want to restrict the far greater majority of productive users that already had compliant hardware and want to benefit from technology. 

A powerful ability and high technology software like OneCNCXR3 requires this PC ability and it is a plain fact that it will not run on hardware that is clearly not suitable. 

It is not possible to even remotely compare OneCNCXR3 technology to other business type software as far as hardware requirements are concerned. 

Minimum System Requirements

Having the latest software technology that fully taxes the available PC power does come at some pain if you want to be efficient however it does not need to be expensive just compliant.

OneCNCXR3 is fully Microsoft Windows compatible and requires compatible hardware to perform the way it does best.

OneCNCXR3 products do require compliant hardware to gain the benefit that the software is capable of which does not need to be expensive equipment.

This is what we use ourselves.

Operating System

Microsoft Windows Vista or Microsoft Windows XP or (32 or 64-bit ).
Internet Explorer 6 or newer (IE 7 is recommended).
NTFS File System is recommended.


1 GB minimum of quality main memory for XP and 3 GB or more is recommended for Vista, especially if working with complex parts.

Pentium 4 newer generation is recommended single duel or quad core PC.

AMD Athlon only if they are newer than 2004 and have the equal specs of the Pentium 4.

NVIDIA 128MB min GeForce or similar OpenGL and DirectX graphics card with the latest graphics driver.

A mouse with 3 or more buttons and a scroll wheel is recommended.

Broadband Internet access is recommended for updating the software.

One available USB 1.1 or 2.0 sockets for licensing dongle or a suitable parallel port. 

DVD-ROM Drive for installation of standalone version if required.


When purchasing a laptop we offer the following comments.

Our suggestion is to try the software on the laptop prior to purchase to ensure that you would be happy with the laptop ability and graphics. Because OneCNCXR3 is a very capable system and requires a capable PC we would not recommend to purchase one unless satisfied.

Any other hardware is subject to users own testing with the software. Other hardware may prove to be quite capable and usable by the user but this is at the users own discretion and testing and is not supported by OneCNC.