OneCNC Series Updates

This is a history of all OneCNC updates.

You may notice sometimes there can be a jump in version numbers.

This is due to intensive and continual internal testing where we thoroughly test versions before releasing proven functional updates.

To download updates, see our OneCNC Updates page.

OneCNCXR2 8.29

OneCNCXR2 Language update

OneCNCXR2 V8.29 covers a significant upgrade to the Dutch version language.

OneCNCXR2 Milling Versions

Updated the extents preview dialog to now show the model inside the extents this was lost in changing to Windows Vista versions but this ability has now returned.

OneNCXR2 Profiler Versions

OneCNCXR2 Profiler professional automatic nesting has had a major restructure to handle angular nesting correctly. There was an anomaly if the part was pre rotated before multiple nesting the sheet would sometimes also rotate.

Special Note on OneCNCXR2 Profiler Express and Professional

For OneCNCXR2 profiler users your post may need to be adjusted if your machine accepts Z axis values. Because OneCNCXR2 now can output XYZ in certain applications you need to examine your post and remove the {Z} from the Rapid line format and the Feed line format to ensure that you do not get Z values in the output. This would normally only happen if you have geometry drawn at a Z value other than Z Zero. If you had geometry drawn at other than Z zero and posted it it could add a Z value if the {Z} was not removed from those 2 post lines mentioned. This could cause a machine alarm or cause the head not to be at the correct Z if your machine accepts Z values.


OneCNCXR2 8.28

Update OneCNCXR2 V8.28 all versions release date August 09 2007

OneCNCXR2 All Versions:

OneCNC Dimensions were modified to allow the diameter symbol to be used in true type fonts
Before there was a problem with the slash not aligning with the zero with invalid true type fonts

DXF Translation:
DXF Translation has had some modification to assist in importing more odd entities found being exported by various unknown CAD.

OneCNC Calculator:
The calculator with-in the dialogs has been corrected to work in all languages. This is not the graphic calculator that comes up with the F8 key.

This allows dialogs that require values to be entered to directly interactively handle mathematical calculations in-line with data entry.

For example 2*(9*9) entered and hit Enter Key value becomes 162 as the value used.

OneCNC WireEDM Only:

OneCNC Wire EDM Open Shape:
Wire EDM has been modified in open shape s the point selected turns red appropriately.

Wire EDM open shape function functionality now accepts selection of cut from either direction now instead of requiring direction towards zero.


OneCNCXR2 8.23

Update OneCNCXR2 V8.23 all versions release date May 27 2007

This update only applies to OneCNCXR2 Profiler and OneCNCXR2 Mill versions.

No changes to any other versions of OneCNCXR2

OneCNCXR2 Profiler
The OneCNCXR2 Profiler professional has changes to the automatic scanning of engraving within selected profiler boundaries.

OneCNCXR2 Haascam Mill Express Mill advantage Mill Professional Mill Expert
The OneCNCXR2 Mill Versions have had a changer to the setting for finish feed and speed in the profile clean circle and pocket function functions.

The setting for access for setting the speed and feed and speed has been now been changed to the ability to turn the option on and off.