OneCNCXR6 in Mould Making Mode

OneCNC continual research and development in tool path technology involves actual real time machining and testing of the developed systems.

OneCNC Research and Development in the course of testing the new "Constant Offset" finish machining functionality released this video of the machining.

This new ability is included in the OneCNCXR6 Mill Expert version.

In this video example the function was used to perform a complete finish tool path in one pass then with an added pencil finish tool path to complete the finishing.

This is just one of many features that are developed and proven in-house before being releasde to users.

OneCNC designs and develops the tool paths in-house as one cohesive CAD CAM system rather than adding third party modules.

This method of development can often provide users with unique  integral ability and superior ease of use.

For a demonstration of this "Constant Offset" machining contact your local OneCNC Sales and Support office.

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