OneCNC Dutch Customers working Together


Since 1992, van Kronenburg, and KMS (Kronenburg Management systems) are well known names in the car-racing world. The first 5 years, activities were from a small garage in the centre of Geldrop. After a while it became apparent that larger premises were needed, and John van Kronenburg relocated to a new industrial zone on the border of Geldrop.

Since 1 January 1999,van Kronenburg Autosport is settled in a  450 m2 building which offers space for all the activities necessary for professional tuning on cars. The following equipment is present: rolling-road, dyno, flow-bench, well- equipped workshop and a fully-stocked warehouse.

Since 2008, van Kronenburg Autosport is also offering CNC machining as part of its services, supported by CNC machines in-house and OneCNC software.


Van den Wildenberg Metaalbewerking is also, since 2005, a user of OneCNC software. Niek van den Wildenberg has extensive experience in all sorts of machining, but particularly high-speed 3D in Aluminium. Currently using OneCNCXR3 Mill Expert and the XR3 Mill 4th axis module, Niek is putting his experience to good use.

Pictured here is a Audi V6 FSI racing engine, having been given the van Kronenburg treatment with airboxes machined by v.d. Wildenberg Metaalbewerking. These are just a sample of what these two users have achieved together.



Here is a link to:

Van Kronenburg Autosport

v.d. Wildenberg Metaalbewerking

CHW Precision seems to get all the Hard Jobs

"CHW seems to get all of those harder jobs that no one else wants to do".

We specialize in high temperature metals; the inconels, waspalloys, haspalloys, and we run a lot of titanium. We don’t just do this once in a while, we run those kinds of metals all day every day and I have for thirty years; I think we got a pretty good handle on them, how to handle them, and what happens to them. Most of my clients are in the aerospace industry. We make a lot of jet engine parts, parts for rocket motors, space shuttle work, and rocketry work. This is where a lot of the high temperature metals come in.


I find that the newer and cleaner graphics of OneCNC are liked by my younger computer savvy guys, and it helps their transition into CAD/CAM programming by having these new graphics styles carry over into their programming software, it makes them better programmers.


We have always striven to be the best at what we do, to do it right and be better than anyone else and I can honestly say that after being a OneCNC owner for almost 2 years, that this software has been a very large contributor for us in making more money on a job than we’ve ever done.

I have reprogrammed many jobs since having OneCNC thinking to myself “Oh man I can really save some programming time on that job now” especially with the new XR3.  I have re-programmed jobs with XR3 that I knew were running okay but wasn’t exactly happy with.

I have redone them in XR3 and said “That’s it…that’s the program that I really wanted!”

Dave Jones
CHW Precision Machining
Washington State - USA
Ph. (360)435-3776

CNC West Attending WESTEC Los Angeles USA


OneCNC West will be exhibiting at the WESTEC show March 30th to April 02, 2009.

We will be demonstrating the entire XR3 product line including the new XR3 Mill/Turn package. This show is the first show since opening our OneCNC West Office and we would like to take this opportunity to meet all of local customers.

We look forward to seeing you at WESTEC booth 3080.