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Why we chose OneCNC - Ataman

"We came across OneCNC using the internet search engines, and then later on had a very nice live demo. We looked in the newsgroups and forums, then finally decided on OneCNC"

Supreme Tool and Die

Supreme Tool & Die

Supreme Tool & Die was established in 1978 by Robert Hughes and have been building tooling for the die casting industry for over 26 years, and has been building tooling for International Customers since 1986.  Supreme’s experience is diversified with customers in the Automotive, Electric, Defense, Food Service, Communications, and Recreation Industries, among others.  Supreme’s tool building experience includes building molds and trim dies for Aluminum, Zinc, and Magnesium die casters.


Mitch Stonebarger has been a manual machinist for over 20 years, 5 of those years spent as part of the team at Supreme Tool & Die.  Two years ago Supreme Tool & Die implemented OneCNC.  Before that, the process at Supreme Tool & Die consisted of drawing blue prints by hand and manually machining all the parts.  Mitch had no previous CNC or CAD/CAM experience until the company decided to update the trim die department, and purchase CAD/CAM software.  The mold department of the company was already operating CNC equipment exclusively, while the die department was operating manually…an update was in need.

Supreme Tool & Die did their research and found OneCNC on the web and was highly discussed on the online forums.  “We downloaded demos from virtually every other system out there.  We evaluated a number of systems from UG Shop Floor, MasterCAM and CAD only systems such as Solidworks. All of them just seemed difficult to learn and we wanted to get up and running quickly.” Mitch previously worked at a facility that had used a complex CAD/CAM program for a number of years, but no one at that shop really had a grip on it.


Mitch says that as a programmer he needs to create programs continuously, and the company was unwilling to invest months just to learn a CAD/CAM system.  “We continued to research OneCNC because at the time there was no demo version available.  OneCNC did an online demo with us using our own part. Once I determined the fit was good, I made a formal proposal to the bosses.  We found that it did everything they told us it would.  It worked out really good…we needed a program that our guys could learn quickly and easily.  There is just no other software out there like OneCNC.  With the other systems we looked at, we knew there was no way we would be up and running quickly.”

“With OneCNC, myself and another programmer, Jim Capps had chips flying on day one.”

“Jim and I have also trained a few other men on OneCNC, and as usual, they pulled chips on their first day, most people would never believe it was possible.”We are also acquiring 2 more CNC machines and intend on OneCNC running every one. We initially installed a single seat of Mill Professional and have since upgraded to a network of 10 seats and have expanded the software’s use to the mold department of Supreme Tool & Die.”

“I am an experienced manual machinist and initially knew nothing about CNC or CAD/CAM…and that is the main thing I liked about OneCNC…it is so easy to learn.

Mitch Stonebarger

Supreme Tool & Die 
1536 Fenpark Drive 
Fenton, MO 6302



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