S & A Engineering - With OneCNC, you’re never on your own

For more than 20 years S & A Engineering has served the automotive and instrumentation industries; designing, machining and prototyping with plastics, aluminum and steel.

Reggie Smith, owner of S & A Engineering, purchased OneCNC in 2001 which was his first jump into becoming a full CNC shop with CAD/CAM capability for accepting 3D solid models.  He previously used another software calling it “clumsy at best and incredibly hard to learn”.  A friend had introduced him to OneCNC and immediately he felt that OneCNC could handle the 3D part files he received and get the job done.  “When I first purchased OneCNC, I knew I would have no trouble importing and machining any part files”. 

“Dealing with OneCNC sales and technical support has been a very friendly and helpful experience, and my last upgrade reminded me of how powerful and easy OneCNC software is and has continued to be over the years”.   

“Having the capability of machining in 3D with OneCNC has allowed me to expand my business and maintain customer relationships, and generated many referrals due to OneCNC’s toolpath reliability.  OneCNC has contributed to my reputation which has been a blessing”.

S & A Engineering primarily focuses on the design and build of special machines and fixturing; as well as the foundry wax injection die industry within the Michigan area.

“OneCNC does a great job, and it is easy to use.  Dealing with OneCNC for so many years, I always know that when I need support, I will get the help I need because OneCNC stands behind their product.  With OneCNC, you’re never on your own”

S & A Engineering

Mr. Reggie Smith

Montague, MI

OneCNC Italy User Experience with FRIEM SRL

Production of molds and dies to produce seals for industrial, automotive and mechanical parts to customer design. The organization allows it to be competitive by also executing small quantities even to a single piece. Thanks to the technical skills and experience, FRIEM can support the needs of the customer in decisively confronting designs and finding solutions for the realization of the products, through the use of hardware and software technology.

Friem s.r.l.
via Diviglio, 249
36030 Caldogno (VI)
tel +39 0444 986771
fax +39 0444 989700
web www.friem.net

DPNS Racing Parts

DPNS Racing Parts is a specialist design and editor of accessories for racing motorcycles in the Netherlands. DPNS Racing Parts designs and manufactures all kinds of parts for different types of engines, such as road racing, dirt bikes and street fighter.

With an emphasis on design for production, but without compromising on style and aesthetics parts are modeled for in-house CNC machining.

With OneCNC XR5 for modeling and CNC programming are efficiently processed parts for CNC machining centers microns.

Here in the photos shown are the prototypes DPNS racing rear sets for the Ducati Panigale.



DPNS Racing Parts
Giant Mountains 3
BA 5508 Veldhoven

Website: www.dpns.nl

DPNS Racing is proudly powered by OneCNC Benelux support and if you want to be a part of OneCNC Benelux group of customers in the Netherlands, its contact:

OneCNC Benelux
Mierloseweg 40
5666 KA Geldrop

ph + 31 (0) 40 22 66 212
Fax + 31 (0) 40 22 40 794
Web: www.onecnc.nl