OneCNCXR6 is to have a new feature added

OneCNC has added a new feature to OneCNCXR6 Milling systems.

This new feature is a Traditional Pocket function to replace the present Traditional pocket function.

The new Traditional pocket has the ability to have a Step Over amount equal to 95% of the tool diameter and not leave material.

Here is a video showing the new feature.

This new feature is expected to be added to the next update of OneCNCXR6

OneCNCXR6 is now Released

OneCNCXR6 is Released

OneCNC is proud to announce OneCNCXR6 is officially released as a new upgrade of the software simultaneously released in all versions.OneCNC advises that all new full systems purchased since 1st March 2014 are eligible for a free upgrade to OneCNCXR6 same version purchased od OneCNCXR5.

Overview of OneCNCXR6

There are many exclusive new features in OneCNCXR6 including 2D and 3D total collision checking for tooling and machined parts in the milling versions. OneCNCXR6 continues the tradition of having a free maintenance plan for the life of the software until the next version is released ensuring that the software is kept up-to-date with free downloads and support from the update server during this time. OneCNCXR6 is the most technologically advanced release developed in the 30 plus of years OneCNC development.

OneCNCXR6 is about improving the technology of the overall systems. This major undertaking provides a complete 64 Bit application release version still supports a 32 Bit application by automatic install.

OneCNCXR6 utilizes the latest Windows 8 technologies including native 64-bit support resulting in superior performance, especially when working on large or complex designs. OneCNC understands that many users in manufacturing still use earlier Windows XP versions and still supports these users with an automated installation for 32 Bit versions.

OneCNCXR6 is designed to take advantage of the latest multi-core systems. Multi-core depending on the operating system support can dramatically increase speed generation of some complex tool paths and is beneficial not only when generating multiple operations or performing simulation tasks, but also when generating a single tool paths.

All of this happens from an automated installation that checks the operating system being used and installs the most advanced version to suit the Windows version of the user’s operating system on the PC.

OneCNCXR6 has new finishing tool paths that are set to revolutionize the ability of finish machining 3D models with a unique method of automated 3D offset boundary tool paths. Singular or multiple surfaces of a model can be selected for area machining without the need to create boundaries. OneCNCXR6 automatically creates these 3 D offset boundaries so that the whole area right to the edge is machined. This now makes it possible to select surfaces and use a different sized tool to the next adjacent surface as an example. OneCNCXR6 also now provides a complete constant offset 3D boundary machining controlled by the part boundary or custom created boundaries.

OneCNCXR6 includes all of the conventional machining strategies of previous systems including planar, Z Level, pocket, constant offset, radial, spiral and pencil tool paths, all of these have been enhanced to take advantage of new tolerances optimization and advanced operating systems. OneCNCXR6 has taken these strategies further by refining tolerances and finishes that help to reduce machining time and increase tool and machine tool life.

OneCNCXR6 now contains ability to allow for expansion of functionality into may other areas of CAD and CAM during the life of the software. Our current users know OneCNC constantly adds new features and functionality on an ongoing basis during the life of the software.

OneCNC is now a leading CAM solution providing users with productivity, reliability and flexibility. Improving these attributes in any company helps increase profitability.

OneCNCXR6 new features list can be found here >>

OneCNC Benelux, Hurco GmbH and Hagro Precise BV invite you to attend a OneCNC Seminar.

OneCNC Benelux, Hurco GmbH and Hagro Precise BV invite you to attend OneCNC a seminar, where XR6 the new OneCNC release will be featured. This seminar will be explaining the benefits and use of the new HS strategy for milling and demonstrated on Hurco machines with tooling from Hagro Precision BV.

For pre-milling or rough machining, it is important to remove as much material as possible in the shortest possible time. This seminar will be demonstrating the high milling Material Removal Rate (MRR) using maximum machining efficiency with reduced machine time. The demonstration will show this high material removal rate can be obtained while maintaining part quality and longevity of the machine and extending the tool life of tools. 

Additionally OneCNC Benelux will show in more detail the advantages of CAM programming, which will show the simplicity of using this advanced technology as well as reducing your programming time.

July 3, 2014 from 12:30 to 17:00 hours.

Where is the seminar being held? 
In Schaijk where Hagro Precision BV have a well-equipped demonstration room and facilities to demonstrate how using CAD-CAM and a CNC machining centre can improve your efficiency and profitability.

Click here to register for this event: