High Speed Engineering goes V8

West Australian customer of OneCNC takes on the V8's.

Dennis Hellier from High Speed Engineering submitted these pictures of what he created in OneCNC.

The have a factory of more than 9 CNC machines as well as many traditional machines to give them a high capacity of precision work.

Dennis created a V8 Lexus engine block for a customer from Billet Aluminium. They started with a billet in one of their Haas VMC's and finished it with a VMC with a 4 axis. Material used was Alumec 89 Aluminium.


Then to their Haas VMC with a 4 axis indexer.


You can see it being machined from another position here.


Here is the billet almost machined in the VMC with the 4th axis.


And here we see the final result of their work.


And another view of the final product.

The billet block was then fitted with cast iron sleeves to withstand heat/wear.


High Speed Engineering are situated in Unit 2, 6 Midas Road Malaga WA 6090 and provided these pictures to show one of their recent components of manufacture.


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