OneCNCXR6 is to have a new feature added  Aug 19 2014

OneCNC has added a new feature to OneCNCXR6 Milling systems.

This new feature is a Traditional Pocket function to replace the present Traditional pocket function.

The new Traditional pocket has the ability to have a Step Over amount equal to 95% of the tool diameter and not leave material.

Here is a video showing the new feature.

This new feature is expected to be added to the next update of OneCNCXR6

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OneCNC Benelux Hurco and Hagro Precise Seminar  Jul 10 2014

OneCNC Benelux seminar on July 3.

OneCNC Benelux, Hurco GmbH and Hagro Precise BV invited guests to attend a OneCNC seminar, where OneCNCXR6 the new OneCNC release was featured. The seminar featured explaining the benefits and use of the OneCNC HS strategies for milling and demonstrated on Hurco machines with tooling from Hagro Precision BV.

Here is a video showing a glimpse of the proceedings and the machining demonstrations.

OneCNC Benelux
Mierloseweg 40
5666 KA Geldrop
The Netherlands
ph:+ 31 (0) 40 22 66 212

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OneCNC is Environment Friendly  Jul 08 2014

To be economically sustainable running a business includes both a responsibility and an opportunity to use clean energy creation for power consumption reduction measures

Environmental harm is frequently quantified as carbon dioxide emissions which are referred to as a carbon footprint.

OneCNC has reduced the carbon footprint by installing and utilizing a specially designed roof mounted solar array system of enough size producing enough electricity under normal conditions to provide a self-sufficient system reducing energy costs.

OneCNC Head Office based in Brisbane, Australia, provides one of the best locations to install solar because of its exposure to the sun for longer hours when compared to other cities.

For example, in Brisbane, according to the Clean Energy Council figures, a 12.0 kW solar array system can produce up to 52.8 kWh per day under these ideal conditions..


The installation of solar for OneCNC was completed in July and is now providing the energy requirements for OneCNC in Brisbane.

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