OneCNC at National Manufacturing Week Australia


National Manufacturing Week (NMW) has reaffirmed its status as Australia’s most important and established manufacturing showcase, with early indicators pointing to another successful industry event in 2018.
Held 9-11 May 2018 in Sydney, NMW 2018 showcased the transformation of the manufacturing industry into a thriving ecosystem heavily focused on collaborative and integrated technologies.
With the nation’s manufacturing industry experiencing continuous growth for 19 consecutive months , National Manufacturing Week reflected the newfound optimism within the industry; with over 4,500 visitors flowing through the event.


OneCNC demonstrated the latest OneCNC Products during this event which was again a very successful event.

OneCNC Australia had application engineers on hand from Sydney to demonstrate first-hand the cost saving features and advantages of the software.

If you were there you may have seen that the stand was busy at times and if you may have  missed the opportunity of having a demonstration of the software please call for an on-line demonstration at a time to suit.

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OneCNC Innovative CAM technology

OneCNC Innovative CAM technology

Although 5-axis milling is one of the most challenging forms of CNC machining OneCNC makes this task much easier for users.
OneCNC CAD CAM software makes it possible for programmers to generate 5-axis NC programs quickly and easily, with short machining times and high quality surface finish.
This example show optimised Active Cut Step Reduction Technology combined with 5 axis Simultaneous Swarf and Area machining

OneCNC Research and Development team continues to develop 5 axis machining tool paths.
As part of this development process part examples are machined by our engineers in the process.

This is another part of the process used in testing and proving the practical results by actually machining components using Active Cut step reduction and Swarf machining.

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OneCNC Boosts Technology Development

Computer modelling continues to evolve to a high level of free form creating complex models.

After design often these parts then have to be manufactured often using CNC.

This advance in modelling requires CAD/CAM development to keep pace with the complexity of machining this type of part.

At OneCNC as part of our ongoing product development we often choose what can appear to be simple parts but contain portions or features that can produce complexities in CNC manufacture.

Often parts are machined from billet and in some cases quite thin walled as well requiring expert ability of the CAD CAM to produce quality parts.

While testing our OneCNC Expert 5 Axis Simultaneous functionality to produce a thin walled part we made a video of the machining to share with our users.

This video shows some of the results and the machine action action and movements required to machine this part of this type..

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