OneCNC Cool Development Test

OneCNC continues  Cool Development program

Many claims are made by various vendors of what can be obtained by high speed machining.
OneCNC takes the approach that all claims should be for sustainable production operation of the tooling and machine tool rather than figures that are not sustainable.

OneCNC development takes the maximum feed rates as recommended by the tooling manufacturer and develops tool-paths that can maintain these rates so that they are maintainable in a production environment.
To obtain these maximum rates OneCNC provides tool engagement control so that this can be maintained.
OneCNC through continual development of Active Cut technology is applying this technology to all tool paths.

This video was made during one of there development tests.

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OneCNC Training Website Update

5 Axis Positional and Simultaneous has now been added to the oneCNC Training Web.

OneCNC offers this online training solution at no extra cost, provided you have purchased a OneCNC product.

Signing up is free and easy, just provide your serial number along with the usual information and your in.

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OneCNC Displays the Power of Active Cut

OneCNC Active Cut technology is a product fully developed and tested by OneCNC Engineers within our facilities.

OneCNC Active Cut Technology allows for major improvement in machining times together with benefits of increased cutting tools and machine tool life using existing machines and tooling.

OneCNC’s Active Cut technology incorporates an all new technology that actively “looks ahead” allowing the cutter path to machine at optimum speed where permitted, and only decreasing where necessary.

This technology not only makes for very smooth vibration free machining it provides greatly improved feed rates and the added benefit of extending cutting tool and machine life.

Active Cut Technology has been added to all applicable tool paths in the milling range including pocketing, roughing, and profiling with all versions benefiting from this technology.

This technology in Traditional Style pocketing allows efficient metal removal having the ability to use up to 99% of the tool diameter as a cut width..

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